October 19 2021
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Published on April 2, 2020 7:57 AM

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AMSTERDAM (REUTERS) - The number of deaths caused by an infection with the new coronavirus in the Netherlands has increased by 166 to 1,339, health authorities said on Thursday.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the country increased by 8% to 14,697, the Dutch Institute for Public Health said.

As of October 6, 2020, the coronavirus pandemic in the Netherlands resulted in 6,482 deaths. However, the distribution of deaths due to COVID-19 differed greatly by age. According to these figures, most of these deaths occurred in older patients. In the Netherlands, over four thousand deaths occurred in patients aged 80 years old and over. To this day, a higher share of coronavirus cases has been registered in young adults. Indeed, 20 percent of cases in the Netherlands were reported in people aged 20 to 29 years old. However, the share of hospital admissions in these age groups was relatively low. In other words, the coronavirus infected a higher number of young adults, yet admissions to hospital and deaths were higher in older age groups. Nonetheless, these conclusions are based solely on confirmed figures.