September 24 2021
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Previous story Nashville suicide bomber Anthony Warner was sued by his own MOM over the $249,000 family home he inherited when his dad and brother died Next story
Published on December 28, 2020 12:02 AM


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Nashville Bombing Anthony Warner
Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was involved in an ugly dispute over property that became so bitter that he was sued by his own mom, can reveal.

Warner, 63, was named by the FBI on Sunday as the lone suspect in the Christmas Day bombing outside an AT&T building, after DNA showed he perished in the attack carried out with an RV rigged to explode.

According to Davidson County court records, Warner's 62-year-old brother, Steven Warner, died in September 2018, without leaving a will.

Their mother, Betty Christine Lane, who divorced father Charles B. 'Popeye' Warner years before his 2011 death, argued that the former family home, which had passed from Charles to Steven, should then legally belong to her.

Lifelong bachelor Anthony then mysteriously gave the home to a 29-year-old, Los Angeles-based woman named Michelle Swing, whose ties to him are unclear.

The mother-son suit appeared to have been resolved by November of this year, however, after Swing used the same transfer process to give the three-bed, single story property back to Lane, who is still residing there today.

When asked the 85-year-old Lane on Sunday about her son Anthony Warner she said she could "not talk about it'.

The retiree also posted signs in her yard warning she would call the cops if anyone trespassed on her driveway.