June 15 2021
2:16 AM
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 Published on Sunday November 15, 2020 - 12:32 AM
The Best Description Of President Donald Trump I’ve Read
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“Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England wrote the following response:

Deb Kidder 27 min ago All true. But didn’t a few British people vote for his twin, Boris?

M. Findeis 2 hours ago Apparently, Trump is the United States version of the Emperor without clothing. So many of the people overlook his childish behavior, his vengeance for any slight and his mindless rhetoric. He is a bully and a brat.

Solomon 3 hours ago Brenda, OK, call him a prick, or dickhead, or anything nasty you want to, & as a male, I’ll not object ONE bit! In fact call him ANYTHING unflattering, as he has NO redeeming features whatever!

Adigorettio 5 hours ago My worry is not trump per se, it is Mitch, Lindsay and “ .....them lot”, who have been politicians of grassroots who can’t see him for what they are supposedly not of old. We say the world is changing for the mellenials, but for it to affect “them lot” is an absurdity that is incomprehensible. Mitch n Lindsay have always then been a bad seed from the start just waiting to germinate and they found their fertile soil in the tyrant of trump. Disgrace!!!. They are the ones to pull the plug. Talk of legacy, yet there was Judas among the Deciples just that in the Republicans there are too many Judas iscariot amongst trumps Deciples who won’t even betray him, ironic.

Felix justiceLp 5 hours ago There is a nostalgic yearning for, or, at the very least, a tolerance of, the brand of vulgar fascism from the thirties in Europe here in the United States today, and in other countries as well. A Trump rally feels eerily like Nazi rally

Solomon 3 hours ago Yes, it’s called “Populism”, & as you said, is happening in other countries as well. In the U.K., Trump’s mate Nigel Farage is a lead figure in this ‘movement’; & when their followers gather, for sure it resembles a 1930’s Nazi rally. But the one BIG difference I’ve noticed is that in your US Trump rallies, you DO see the odd non white face—- NEVER in similar U.K. rallies; had a non white person attend one of say Farage’s rallies (mostly held by a port ie an entry point for foreigners, hence poignant), the poor non white would probably be beaten up. But hopefully with Trump on the way out, normality may well return, not just in your great nation, but, & maybe as a result, in other nations also—-yours is a good post!

Mike 5 hours ago I used to wonder how could hitler had fooled so many, thought because of times they were in. It's so hard to comprehend that in 2020 with all of our technology & history, that we'd be much wiser. This should of been stopped a long time ago, it's obvious who & what trump is & is up to doesn't take a wizzard to figure out. He's a horrible human being, let alone president. Democrats have to get off their asses, and any decent republican, & stop this antichrist in his tracks. It's insane to see how many crazy people are possesed by this cult! God save america, & the world! He just fired the cybersecurity official that runs our security, he's trying to manipulate our votes, all they've got to do is open the backdoor for russia to sneek in.

Felix justice 5 hours ago For the past hundred and fifty years, down to the present day, conservatives have disallowed or suppressed the nonwhite vote. Thanks to people like Fannie Lou Hamer, Danny Glover, Stacy Abrams and many another heroine, these sinister efforts have been resisted. And thank God for them! For without the vote of the colored people, we would be saddled with another four years of the deranged Trump. He got the white vote.

Bob Nelson 6 hours ago I am deeply ashamed of my fellow Americans that support this man. It is known to them all that he has cheated thousands of Americans with his trump University and taken to court settled the claims for 25 Million. He stole from his charity and taken to court his lawyers admitted he "misappropriated" the funds. Lawyer speak for stole. He was fined 8 Million dollars and he AND his family enjoined from ever serving in an executive capacity for any charity. The constant lying, failure to take responsibility, and attempts to take credit for things he had no hand in are all disqualifying factors to anyone with morals, ethics or plain common sense. He is a sad, sick man and I pity him.

Terry 6 hours ago He knows what he is doing. He is a mafioso! You give him credit for being stupid, but actually he is just criminal! He will be a thorn in our side, and we will be trying to extricate all the damage he and Putin have done to our country for the next 20 years!!

Tray 7 hours ago To anyone who thinks drumpf has a plan you're wrong. The man is a complete idiot. There are no layers, no planning, no deep thought. He's been to school and learned nothing. "Bigly"? But those who followed, agreed, believed? They are why politicians want every dummy to vote. Depressing world-wide reality, not just American.

Mary 8 hours ago 5 ????????

Brenda 10 hours ago You had me in your palms until you ended the article with a derogatory term, commonly used to describe the female genitalia. I didnt like that and found that to be offensive. I think it odd whenever folks refer to the strongest organ in the human body to describe the weakness of the male gender. Words like, "he is a pussy",to describe a weak man. Quite to the contrary, the vagina is the strongest organ/muscle in the human body. Bar none! Think about that! Then think sbout the function of the vagina/twat/pussy/whatever/ and you will see how you have given him a strength he does not deserve?!

Nick Straker 7 hours ago Please be aware that in the uk the c word and the word twat are not gender specific as they are in the US. Calling a guy a c**t or a twat has no relevance to the female genitalia but is a general insult like turkey, jackass or berk.

Georgette Zotter 11 hours ago Absolutely perfect description of Trump! I’d like to meet this author! Wonderfully written!

Susan. Stevenson 11 hours ago I can understand people voting for a candidate that will fight for, and not against, their issues. But what bothers me are a lot of Trumps voters are just as racist, insulting, stupid, and mean as he is. The bullying and threatening mirrors their leader’s, and recognizing evil should be more of an issue in voting than similar interests.

Lawrence 11 hours ago I love this article and wish the United Kingdom would take us back. The 45th President of the United States has given our country two black eyes. I am embarrassed to be an American.

James 11 hours ago Is Trump a jerk? Yes. Is everyone who voted for him a brainwashed bigot and every other nasty label that commenters have labeled them to be? No. Many people vote for issues, not candidates. I had two choices: 1) Vote for a polished corrupt man who said he would fight against my issues. 2) Vote for an unpolished corrupt man who who said he would fight for my issues.

I care more about positive policy changes than if my current president is likeable. Maybe someday there will be a candidate who isn’t morally corrupt. Then I might vote for a candidate rather than issues.

Sheila Hervey 12 hours ago Thank you

Enrique Contreras 12 hours ago Cheerio!

Ro 12 hours ago This article brings to mind how much white trash exists in the United States of America. More than 70 million pieces.

Ro 12 hours ago Very well written and accurate. I wish this article could be sent to all 86 million of Trump Twitter followers.

Trump’s powerful misinformation/propaganda network including Fox News, Twitter and Facebook were key to brainwashing the many millions of American for 4 years.

Joana 13 hours ago Ahahahahha you have Boris Johnson which is practically a Trump clone!

Felix Justice 13 hours ago How could it be, the world asked in the ‘40s and ‘50s, that a highly civilized country like Germany, a country that had given the world universal geniuses such as Goethe, Beethoven and Thomas Mann, - how explain the rise to power of such a stunted, murderous idiot as Hitler in Germany? Well, friends, look no further than the US of A in the 2020 election, where a moral dwarf, whose delusional aspect had been on full display for four frightening years, nevertheless garnered seventy million votes from the white people of his country.

Salter 13 hours ago And he thinks, along with Abe Linc, that he’s the greatest EVER POTUS! Why, when he beat Hilary in 2016, she’d beaten him by more than 3 million popular votes. Sorry, fart face, but Biden scored over 5 million more popular votes than you, PLUS of course he also screwed you as far as the Electoral College votes were concerned. Add to this, you’ve presided over 230000+ Covid deaths (& rising)—--had there been a proper POTUS in situ, it’s been suggested that the death toll would have been around 170000 So, you’ve also presided over some 60000 deaths. One saving grace though—-lucky you have such a WONDERFUL personality!

ASB 14 hours ago All true unfortunately

Judy W 14 hours ago Absolutely perfect ! Sadly...

Ioana 15 hours ago Concise and comprehensible! Thank you!

Lynda Haines 15 hours ago You really have hit the nail on the head...very accurate

Eduardo Ugaz 15 hours ago Does anyone know how to send White's description of Trump to each of the 70+M of people that voted for him? If you do please go ahead...

Gilbert 15 hours ago You have said it so well! What I don’t understand is all the support he gets. The scary thing is he can and probably run in the next election. Yikes!

Mary Jane Baumgarten 15 hours ago So true, thanks. T lived in his own reality, guess his followers do to. No concern for others, it is all about them, not our country...SAD

Janet Kennedy 15 hours ago I’d love to read your description of Mitch McConnell...

Janet Kennedy 15 hours ago Spot on!

G M L 16 hours ago OMG! You nailed it! Thank you for putting my thoughts into words! I love it!

Amanda Kenny 17 hours ago Oh my word —this is so SPOT on!! We as Americans will wake up from this nightmare on January 20. This is the best article I’ve read on Trump and so incredibly accurate. Thank you!

Nabulungi Ashanti 18 hours ago what an accurately written piece on Trump. He is exactly that. I love British comedy by the way.

Paulo Gonçalves 18 hours ago Congratulations. Fantastic text!!!!!!

D. Donaldson 20 hours ago I am a mortified American. My husband immigrated from Scotland and I love British humor and get it. This article is spot on. This sh*t show we are going through, as Americans is appalling and I am ashamed for us and all his enablers. Thank you for your wonderful well written and truthful words.

Raymond Collins 20 hours ago Yep. As a American I am extremely ashamed and appalled by Trump. And even more embarrassing is that Trump won 72million votes. But 72million voters is less thn a quarter of the American population i am somewhat confident in saying that these voters never left American soil and traveled around the world. I can even speculate that a certain percentage of them are afraid to fly because they my fly off the edge of the world. So welcome your American guests. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

Tim Boyce 21 hours ago And can you imagine other leaders , decision makers and over 70 million people in the USA supports this Trump card!!! If the USA is not Hell on earth then there is no Hell ??

Wendy 23 hours ago I’m American,my fiancée is British. We totally agree with this articles description.many of our modern leaders have been a global embarrassment from time to time but this 1 is dangerous as well a a mockery & can’t be out of the White House soon enough.

A.L. Hern 1 day ago "Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laugh."

Ah, but trolls are a product of Norwegian culture, and Trump has nothing in common with those admirable, sensible and moderate people -- EXCEPT one: Anders Behring Breivik, the far-right-wing Norweigian terrorist who, in 2011, detonated a car bomb in Oslo's government center, killing eight, and then, because the day was still young, murdered 69 on a small island with automatic weapons fire, most of them children and adolescents at a summerc camp run by Norway's ruling political party, for no reason other than that their politics were not his politics and his belief that no one deserves to walk the earth who does not agree.

The now-imprisoned Brevik surely approves of Trump and Trump -- should he be reminded of who Brevik is, what he did and why -- likely approves of Brevik, as the pair share the same unshakable sense of superiority and entitlement. Trump will continue to plant metaphorical and rhetorical bombs, but leave it to his acolytes, America's Breviks, to build and plant the literal ones.

"Troll" is too mild a word to apply to Trump, as is the now far-too-genteel word "hypocrite," both lost in an era in which the very air we all breathe has become corrosive. What Trump really is is something he shares with Brevik: they are both criminals.

Joseph Yeaney 1 day ago Excellent descriptions of Donald Trump.

KLS 1 day ago That is a perfect description of a person lower than a snake. That is trump.

Ann Lawrence 1 day ago Trump is a turd,clothed in an expensive suite , however; retaining all foul characteristics!

Karen Schmitz 1 day ago Hello Mr White & Brits (land of my ancestors!) I so enjoy reading your comments and appreciating your insights. Thank you for caring & sharing with us, and thank you for sticking with us through it all! We love you! Karen, a proud & happy never-Trumper, Chicago, IL, USA

John S 1 day ago It is sad for America that over 70 million people voted for the person so accurately described in this article.

Dolores Cahill 1 day ago Wow, is that accurate. Some of my friends and I don't understand how any reasonable person could cast their vote for him! He lost and I am so relieved!!!!

ELIZABETH A FOLLETT 1 day ago Spot on

Larry Meers 1 day ago 70 million Americans like or adore his lack of soul, that’s what makes me sick & ashamed.

Cat 1 day ago I never voted for Trump for many of the reasons cited in this article, but to dismiss his followers as "adoring his lack of soul" as one commentator puts it is to dismiss nearly half the voting population as being sub-human--an insult Hilary tossed around which lost her the 2016 election (among other things.) Its this kind of disdain and contempt shown to conservative voters by those on the left that puts fuel into the Trump Train and the division we're seeing here. Aside from this, I know many who voted for him and who support him not because of his sparkling and eloquent personality, but because he was the one person on the conservative side who took certain issues seriously, issues like the damage Free Trade agreements did to American jobs and economic strength, and the massive problem of illegal border crossings. (I have lived in foreign countries myself and always, always had to register with police--UK being one of those places--and I never questioned a country's right to secure its citizens' safety by controlling who gets to come into the country.) If the left truly wants to "Unite and Heal" they need to take a good, hard and humble look at how they themselves communicate. The only difference I see between Trump and Democrats is that Democrats bully their opponents with governmental overreach, big words and condescension.

Elle 21 hours ago Maybe Trump supporters don’t adore his lack of soul, but they certainly don’t mind his blatant racism, incessant lying & abuse of power. They overlook the fact that he withheld Congressionally-mandated military aid from our allies as they were under attack from Russian invaders just to serve his personal political aspirations. They ignore the fact that he stole money from his own charity, and believe him when he says “America First!” even though he publicly sided with a murderous dictator over our American intelligence officers, incl his own Nat’l Security Adviser. They believed him when he promised to drain the swamp & then said nothing when he filled his Cabinet with billionaires who frivolously spent taxpayers’ money on lavish trips & furniture for themselves. They continue supporting him regardless of the fact that he knew a pandemic was coming, but did nothing for a month, then lied about it & continues to lie about it while hundreds of thousands of us watch our loved ones suffer & die. You’ve apparently fallen for Trump’s bullshit that Democrats want open borders & fail to see that the only people Trump wants to keep out of this country all have one thing in common - they’re not white. They come from “shithole countries”, as Trump says. I’d love to know what “big words” Democrats have used to bully their opponents. I can only assume they’re bigger than “snowflake” “libtard” “elite” “socialist” “commies” & “radical”.

Ann T 20 hours ago Well said, Elle. May I add that Trump supporters believe he has nothing to hide, ignoring the fact that he has been desperately trying to hide his tax returns? They believe he is innocent of everything and anything, even while he is ignoring subpoenas and demanding that his administration ignore subpoenas, as well. His supporters find nothing amiss when Trump uses the U.S. Attorney General to defend his personal lawsuits in court. And when asked about any of these points, they will say, “fake news,” while conveniently ignoring the fact that these reports are backed up by multiple, valid sources.

Arne Østvedt 1 day ago Well written And now Donald is chasing windmill as a confused Don Quixote while his people laying around dying from Corona. His sword is lawyers that launch the groundless allegations of voter fraud where there are none. Donald Quixiote Trump only focus is to tweeting conspiracy theories about Biden Steal his election. We must put our hopes that Sancho Panza start fight injustice through chivalry. (Republicans senate)

David Cook 1 day ago “Apples of gold in pitchers of silver”

Nathaniel Nyema 1 day ago If it were possible for me to just read these truths of Trump only once, I would. But to do so several times and not see how some Americans are blind toTrump's character so as to see him as a nice person, much less a presidential candidate exceeds my understanding. I am relieved the world sees him for what he is. Let's not fault his children for his craziness.

Paul 1 day ago Spot on and beautifully written. Malignant narcissist. Churl. I honestly believe that he is devoid of empathy, sympathy, moral conviction. List his accomplishments and each one can be ascribed to: (1) enhancing his wealth, (2) retribution, (3) enhancing his power. If you think that , in order to maintain/increase his power and influence, he gives a damn about destroying the institutions that have enabled this republic, then I have a bridge you may want to buy... The man glorifies and emulates tyrants; he envies them and would join their ranks here in the US in a heartbeat. He's working on it even now.

Nicole Moulton 1 day ago Donald Trump and his children is the biggest CUNTS that I have seen especially those boys. He is an embrassment to himself and his family.

Gro Huseby 1 day ago This is a spot on description of Donald Trump. What I cannot understand is that the other republicans in US don’t see or understand this. And as long as a lot of them agree with him, it is a dangerous path for the country, as Barack Obama so wisely said in an interview the other day ??

Mwalimu Mboya 1 day ago Trump is a SPECIAL EDUCATION student who for whatever reason was passed over. So he never received the appropriate treatment he rightly deserved back then. So his behavoir is a true manifestation of wanton neglect.

Michael 1 day ago I think the article describes Trump to a "T". Amazingly, how many of us have the same vision. I have alluded to many of the things stated, to describe Trump.

Nurse Jane 1 day ago I am a psychiatric nurse with 4 decades of experience. I hope my comment is taken as “clinical” and not as hateful or judgmental. Trump acts the way he does for a reason, a very predictable reason.

I believe President Trump is what we define as a personality disorder. He is an extreme narcissist; and therefore, is only able to care about himself, not others. Narcissists only want you to like them to get their way. If you don’t agree, then they have no use for you. He is also a pathological liar, using his words to paint the picture of what he wants others to see, whether true or not.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to correct this. No amount of criticism or pleading or losses can open his eyes to “see the light”. This is not a matter for logic, for “should be’s”. I think that is what frustrates some people.

My comments apply to all narcissists, not just Mr. Trump.

Cecil King 1 day ago It would be even better if Trump could read this and see the insult, but I guess thats the whole point of the description, he wouldn't!

Jerry Thornton 1 day ago Wow. Spot on

Agatha 1 day ago For the mere fact that over 500 millions of people voted for Biden speaks highly of a man who we think is better suited for the job; let’s stop the racism and bigotry and live as God wants us to live. Trump did nothing in the four years of his Presidency other than fight and insult those who did not go along with his nonsense.

Agatha 1 day ago Great description of Trump, not suited for any leadership position.

Felix Justice 1 day ago Who thinks that capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction? Anybody?

Felix Justice 1 day ago The problem is not Nate White’s exposure of the vileness of Donald Trump. Trump. The problem is the vileness of Donald Trump.

Felix Justice 1 day ago Instead of writing incendiary essays like he did, encouraging dehumanization of political opponents, Mr Nate White should express himself in more measured, conciliatory terms. He needs look no further than Donald Trump to see how this is modeled.

Debbie 1 day ago Nate was being very measured ...

He should have used words like - Bully, Paedophile, Mysogynyst, Racist, Thief and given his deliberate mis-management of CoviD - MASS-MURDERER - but Nate is a Gentlemen, and so he did not !

John Banner 1 day ago It is not possible to dehumanise a being that does not act in any way that can be considered "human".

It is only possible to describe such a being - and Nate has done this well.

Felix Justice 1 day ago It is unrealistic for Mr Trump to contemplate a 2024 Presidential run. His earliest possible parole date will be 2030.

Ovie Taylor 1 day ago There has never been an election, in my opinion, where it has been more appropriate for both sides to lose. Mr. white's description of Donald Trump is brilliantly written and accurate, but Christine, the America's response is even better

Debbie 1 day ago Mmm ... no. Christine's response is total hogwash

Here is a more intelligent analysis - old but still good ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8VOM8ET1WU

Christine the American 1 day ago Ok, Britain. I get that you all hate Trump. Instead of just labeling everyone that voted for him as idiots, maybe you can take a moment to understand how we got into this situation.

1. The USA was built on capitalism that was tempered by Christian values such as taking care of the poor (which role was filled largely by churches) 2. This works for 200 years until we get so successful that we feel like we don't need God (for various reasons). 3. Capitalism then gets out of control, making our country more of an oligarchy than a democracy. Big businesses throw around their weight and get greedy. The middle class diminishes, leaving bigger upper and lower classes. Everyone is miserable in one way or another. 4. Everyone agrees that things are bad and need to change, but we can't agree on how. 5. The dwindling middle class is mostly republican (conservative) and thinks we should go back to what worked for so long by preserving capitalism and encouraging conservative values. 6. The upper and lower classes are mostly democratic (liberal) and believe that socialism is the only way to bring prosperity and fairness.

I am conservative and I really, really wish we had had a better candidate. The democrats probably would have won by more if they had a better candidate. Both candidates were not good choices. However, I voted for Trump, even though he is mean and very un-Christlike because as a businessman he at least understands the value of capitalism. He also promised to support conservative issues such as being against abortion. I have no idea if he actually believes in conservative values since his life doesn't reflect them, but he said he would and he did.

Liberals won the presidency and it looks like conservatives are taking the Senate. Supreme Court justices, who are supposed to be impartial but aren't, just changed to be a more conservative majority. Folks, this struggle has been decades in the making and isn't going to be solved with one election or any time soon.

Frankly, articles like this one just spew hate and encourage us to dehumanize each other. Please stop throwing gas on the flames of our struggles.

Debbie 1 day ago Christine - your argument makes no sense at all!

In 3. you say that capitalism is out of control, and one root cause of the problem, then in 5 you say its worked for so long! By conservative values, you seem to mean Christian values, yet you vote for a thug who has broken almost every commandment that Christians hold dear. 1. You shall have no other gods before Me. Trumps god is $$$ 6. You shall not murder. He has killed 250,000 Americans and counting ... by not giving a CoviDamn 7. You shall not commit adultery. .... Except with Pornstars? 8. You shall not steal. ... 6+ Bankrupcies to his name where creditors lost 100's of millions. Now he is trying to steal the election? 9. You shall not bear false witness - Trump is a serial Liar, 25,000 lies since 2016 and counting. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife ... but an unwelcome grab of the fanny is OK ... not!

Marco 1 day ago Christine - you want fair play, I get it. - You want a way out of the unhappiness - I get that too?

But why are you choosing to go with Trump?

I'd bet that what Bernie is offering is what you really want. Forget the Right, Left, Middle lable nonsense, and look at the proposed policies. And, as a bonus, you get a rather decent human on top that sincerely wants our kids to have a better future !


A short Extract ...

Jobs and economy

Mr Sanders says he would invest $1 trillion to modernise America’s infrastructure over the next five years. It would be paid for by closing loopholes that allow corporations to avoid paying taxes by, among other things, shifting their profits to the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens. He says the plan would create more than 13m jobs. He proposes a clean energy workforce and an investment of $5.5bn to create one million jobs for young Americans and provide job training for hundreds of thousands of others.

One study found average family income would jump by $22,000 per year and unemployment would fall to 3.8 per cent, if his policies were followed. The report, carried out by Gerald Friedman, an economics professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst, found that 26m jobs would be created and poverty would drop to 6 per cent,

Cecil King 1 day ago It seems you hold capitalism over your Christianity.

Christine the American 1 day ago I do not hold capitalism over Christianity. If the liberals wanted to try socialism WITH any kind of religious acceptance it might have a slim chance of working. But democrats are very anti-religion and I don't just mean against Christianity. For a country based on religious freedom, we have turned around and now any religion is persecuted. My point was that capitalism worked in the past BECAUSE most Americans were religious. Those religions taught us to not be greedy and to love and care for our neighbors. It is when we cast off religion, and embraced greed and selfishness, that capitalism stopped working for us and started working against us. The flavor of socialism that the liberals are screaming for will have us in the same boat as Venezuela in short order. When it fails, those in power will feel it is their duty to step in and assert more control, and then we will be communist. That won't work either. I am perfectly aware of the irony of electing a person who is amoral to champion morality. It seemed better than quickening our speed toward total economic collapse by voting for doomed socialism.

Neil 1 day ago Christine - from the PoV of almost any other country on the planet, the idea that the policies of the Democrats in the U.S. are hard-socialist is frankly absurd. Nearly every other stable democracy in the developed world has political parties frequently in government that are more socialist than the U.S. Democratic party. This has been the case for nearly century without most of them turning into communist autocracies. As implied in the article, this is what many British people find incomprehensible about many Americans - a seeming inability to appreciate nuance, degree and quantity.

Christine the American 1 day ago Debbie, the USA is about 240-ish years old depending on when you want to acknowledge us as an independent country. Capitalism worked for 200 years while we embraced religious freedom, which prevented greed, etc. The past 40 years, people cast off religion and changed the laws that held capitalism in check. It went out of control. It can work if done right. Any economic system will struggle to succeed when people’s hearts are selfish.

Christine the American 1 day ago The democrats this week said on national news that conservatives are maggots and they want to burn us all down. That is the kind of prevalent “join us or die” attitude that makes me believe that they won’t be happy with reasonable social improvements. Socialism might work if it was enacted by people who understood nuance, degree or quantity. These people want power and will happily step on anyone who doesn’t agree.

Ann T 1 day ago Please tell us what Democrats said “on national news that conservatives are maggots and they want to burn us all down”. Which Democrats? Which national news network? Did you really hear those words by a Democrat? It sounds more like a Trumpist lying to you that those words were spoken by a Democrat, just like some of those outrageous Trump campaign ads that were so wildly exaggerated that they resembled Democratic viewpoints in no way whatsoever.

Christine the American 1 day ago I watched Jennifer Rubin say this on MSNBC. I am not an avid Trumo supporter, just a reluctant one. Liberals wonder why we don’t want to jump on their bandwagon. They only have room for people who believe what they do and everyone else be dammed. That is not the America I want. I watch enough news to stay informed, but I can’t stomache much, not even Fox News. No news is impartial anymore, but this crossed a line for me.

Christine the American 1 day ago I also want to be clear that I accept that Biden won. There has and will be voter fraud in every election, but our country has never changed the results because of it. I hope that Biden can repair some of the damage Trump did without ruining the good things he did. I believe in democracy and accept that we all take turns getting our voices heard.

Ann T 1 day ago Christine, I had to look up Jennifer Rubin, and found that she is a Conservative columnist for the Washington Post. Unfortunately, I had to find the clip on YouTube, and it was FOX News reaction. I couldn’t find the clip where Conservatives are called maggots, which would strand for her to say, considering that she IS one. I think what she said was inflammatory, but not a specific or threatening. She was discussing Trump and his enablers in the GOP, who continue to lie and push conspiracy theories about the election being stolen. I give you a lot of credit for answering those of us who have asked questions. Thank you.

Imrana 21 hours ago Brilliant

Ann T 20 hours ago Oh dear... I hate seeing my typos after I’ve posted. I’d like to correct my third sentence to say “I couldn’t find the clip where she called Conservatives “maggots,” which would be a strange thing for her to say, considering that she is a Conservative herself.

Christine the American 15 hours ago Yes, Jennifer Rubin used to be a conservative, but she hatedTrump so much that she decided she had to become Democrat after all. She currently labels herself as a Democrat. Maybe feeling betrayed by her former party is what fueled her vitriol.

Christine the Anerican 15 hours ago My original point was not so much about Jennifer Rubin herself but the fact that MSNBC did not feel the need to cut away or stop her. The left controls the media and support and distribute hatred.

Stefany Reich-Silber 10 hours ago Just two little things re "The USA was built on capitalism that was tempered by Christian values such as taking care of the poor...". America was built on genocide and slavery. Whoops, skipped over that bit...

James 2 days ago Absolute genius...Go my British....

Todd Crumn 2 days ago A classic. Saw this back in 2018. Truer now more than ever

Andrew Love 2 days ago Well said, every word!!! We're ecstatic to finally be rid of the biggest Jackass to ever be president!!! Furthermore, I'm extremely embarrassed that he became President of this great country!!! World, please forgive us for our ignorance!!!

Gigi 2 days ago T is for terrible, from the North to the South, R is for rubbish, spewing out of his mouth. U is for ugly, the way that he acts, M is for moron, the way he re-acts. P is for puny, the brain size on top, but his four 4 years are up, so this madness will stop!

Jennifer Bent-Salkey 2 days ago Did Trump give the Republicans the “ cool aid” to drink. What has become of this once noble party. They (with few exceptions) have become a set of trolls. Incapable of independent thought. Incapable of thought period. A lot of power grabbing bafoons. So greedy and stupid. He has damaged the party.

Robert Weiss 2 days ago you mss what Trump is about and what he's playing for. He's amassing power -- intimidating some, bribing others, making sure he's got allies, loyal subordinates,

Bob '

Marylee 2 days ago This seems like an exray was taken of him from head to toe.Cause it went straight through him without missing a spot.

Radcliffe McIntyre 2 days ago Peter Tosh, once said in a song "You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time"

Dimena 2 days ago Peter Tosh must have been talking about another country!

You most certainly can fool over 70 million adult Americans for a very very long time, and you can even fools those fools with a fool !

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ? Soren Kierkegaard

Ben 2 days ago No description will best fit Trump nasty behaviors than this.

Peter 2 days ago When Nostradamus "In the home of greatest power, the village idiot will come forth, to be acclaimed the leader", we initially thought he was referring to G.W.Bush.

How wrong we were!

Felix Justice 2 days ago I see where that weakling Dewine in Ohio is in cahoots with the Far Left Traitors’ attempt to embarrass me by imposing mandatory mask wearing in his state. Sissy! And he has the nerve to call himself a Republican? We’ll see about that! - The President.

Kelly 2 days ago I could not agree more. He is an embarrassment to this country and continues to prove this everyday but acting like a pathetic child not accepting his loss.

Lynn 2 days ago I completely agree. I am disgusted and embarrassed by his behavior. The republican senators who are gathered together to enable him are just as bad and they're acting like 13 year old girls in a mean clique. Trump didn't inform the American people about the coronavirus until 3 months after it was getting bad and Bob Woodward has it on tape. His wanting to take away the health insurance of 20 million people during a deadly pandemic is so disgusting and sickening. I can't stand even looking at him or hearing his voice. The world is watching this and these people are among the most hated in the world.

April Denny 2 days ago I concur!! As a U.S. citizen I’ve been embarrassed by him. I’m apprehensive about how his exit from the White House will go. He’s a very large toddler and may have to be removed kicking and screaming! I look forward to civility and steadfastness to return to our government. I’m worn out from hearing the daily diatribes and want our leaders to just go to work and run our country.

Colleen 2 days ago Truer than true! Your description is spot on!

Patrick J. Roache 2 days ago The author (and Theresa) are being too kind to Americans like myself. It was not "almost 1/3 of Americans" who continue to support Trump. It was "almost" 1/2 of the voters, which is a very significant representation of all adults in the country. Let us be clear and candid and not cling to decimal points. In round numbers, half this country still supports Trump. Incredible, frightening, shameful, but true. And then let us face the REALLY frightening conclusion: democracy is not working very well.

Doreen 2 days ago Very well said Patrick

Don 2 days ago Democracy is working as intended - everyone had the right to vote, there was no voter fraud, and in 2016 and again in 2020, Trump support rings loud and clear.

The bigger question is - Why do people deliberately chose to follow a Dictator?

Some insights here - https://www.quora.com/Fascism-Why-do-people-follow-dictators?

Denise 2 days ago Spot on!

Theresa 2 days ago Well said! As an American I am still in disbelief that almost 1/3 of the country voted for him. The U.S. is basically and sadly in a cold civil war.

Janet 2 days ago I so wish that were true - 1/3

But Sadly - almost half voted for him - so closer to 1/2 not 1/3.

Make no mistake - America is far more divided than we might chose to hope! We must not ignore this truth - we must confront it head on or it cannot be fixed!

Meg 2 days ago It is not realistic to expect everyone to value the same things. Maybe what we need is to be respectful of others rather than trying to change them.

Salter 2 days ago WELL over a dozen artistes and/or groups had objected to ‘orange features’ playing their hits at his rallies; amongst them, Rihanna, Adele, The Rolling Stones & the Beatles, to name just a few—-& talking of the last named, perhaps ‘orange features’ should now adopt one of their big hits as his ULTIMATE theme song—-“I’m a Loser”!

Sue 2 days ago You call tRump a slug. I have called him the slime left as that same slug moves from one spot to another. But I would also pour salt, gladly, on that slug, and others in the family leaving tracks behind them, just to end the destruction that is inevitable in that species. I would stand there watching, as the salt worked its magic on that slug! There would be no more destruction by that slug, only a pile of liquid snot like substance, that washes away with the water hose.

Susan 2 days ago As an American, thank you for realizing and addressing the shear pain most have us have endured for 4 years. I literally wept when Biden finally was declared the winner. Am I a big Biden fan, not really, but, as so many lawn signs said “Any Thinking Adult”

Mae 2 days ago There were plenty of Americans in pain with Obama in office. You make it sound like if a democrat holds office, then everything will be ok.

John 2 days ago Jornalists does not exist anymore. What a cheap article on Trump! What people ins not seeing os this third world war where the left just won USA elections. Obame certainly have weekened America a lot a s now if anyone know who is Biden the worst is to come. Lets seat ( at home) and wait to see

Ann T 2 days ago Your comment has absolutely no basis in reality. It’s the extreme right-wing bullish!t that you will find on extremist sites, such as the sicko Alex Jones would spew. You thrive on his hatred and lies. Shame on you.

Mae 2 days ago Thanks. It is this kind of journalism that fans the flames of hatred. Not even one concession to any of the good things Trump accomplished? How about getting Israeli recognized? No one is all bad. If Americans continue to paint each other as evil, there will be no peace.

Penelope 1 day ago Mae, get a grip! You no sense of humor. I suspect that only an American could read this piece and react as you do.

Mae 1 day ago My city has been boarded up for MONTHS because no one feels safe. We’ve had riots and murders s as for unending fear. No, I don’t have humor for people who fan the flames when we are in the thick of it.

John Harrison 2 days ago it is unbelievable that Trump voters and the Republican party at large fail to see where he is leading them?. His slogan and pledge was to make 'America Great Again', but his ultimate aim and ambition was to transform his narcissistic, egotistical, racist self into a mega wealthy 'Pocket man' dictator who wanted to create a dynasty of Trumps at their expense and they are nothing more than an orchestra of cannon fodder following his erratic baton waving directions. They should fact check him properly and fully themselves, confront him with the results, then wait for his response. Job done. Vladimir Putin is playing him like a banjo and who can blame him. As the old adage says, if you can find a fool or better still an idiot make use of him. The question is who has allowed him to do so?. Answer! You have, the GOP and Donald Trump's predominately redneck wave. Drain the swamp my arse, he has filled it to overflowing. Build the wall doh thankfully that never happened as It took the world 28 years to remove the last one. They used to say that 'Money is the root of all evil' that still holds true but it is high time it's updated to incl Nationalism and power hungry people with illusions of grandeur. You wanted your photograph to be in the dictators/despots hall of fame but alas Donald it has gradually adopted the look of a Salvidor Dali clock face. Wake up Donald, the dream is over.

UK cousin.

Ellie 2 days ago What was the point of this article except to indulge in hate for a cheap laugh? I thought we Brits were above this kind of immaturity. How times have changed.

Janet 2 days ago The point of the article is to show, very clearly, how desperately and deeply brainwashed 47.5% of Americans are, while the American president is the laughing stock of all the world!

The point of this article is to show that Nostradamus, while his date may have been out, was accurate in his prediction that "In the home of greatest power, The village idiot will come forth, To be acclaimed the leader"

The point of this article is to show that history repeats itself. Fear-based brainwashing by an Authoritarian to this extent has happened many times before to a previously decent and enlightened people (Example Germany 1933-1945)- yet we have still not learnt from the past.

Bryan 2 days ago Since when is simply describing something very very accurately an act of hate?

An American 2 days ago Frankly, I don’t care what the world thinks of our president. And I am not brainwashed. He may not be likeable, but he at least realizes that our country’s recent run towards socialism isn’t going to turn out any better for us than it did for Venezuela. I’d rather have an embarrassing president that fixes internal things than have the embarrassment of a country that disintegrates. Our current division had been building long before Trump took office. It is too easy to blame all our problems on one man.

Patricia Ratcliffe 2 days ago The tea party is over but only just! Constructive criticism is the way forward.

SFO 3 days ago Accurately written! Total description of this strange ‘being’! If you don’t agree, no insults intended, you’re exactly like him! Sorry.

Chiku-Diko 3 days ago This has got to be one of the best written articles, on Trump, that I have ever read. The description is completely accurate. Very well done! As for the "American Teacher" (Ruth Buckingham)... we have a saying in my part of the world "UTAPONA"! (You'll get over it ... eventually.)

Joan Harbin 3 days ago Ruth Buckingham, speak for yourself. This description of 45 is dead on. 74 million of us disagree with you. And no telling how many who agree with you are afflicted with cult syndrome. I hope that more begin to see the light and escape!

Ruth Buckingham 3 days ago Well, Bravo Nate! You have managed to insult over 7 million voting American Patriots in a rather nasty elitist Queen's English way. Tu whit-you have no wit or sensitivity either; you are rather an aristocratic bully who still can not believe a ragtag army of farmers defeated the haughty Red Coats. And then we had the audacity to proclaim our freedom to be exactly who we are: entrepreneurial rugged individualists with an incredible work ethic. We look at our President's policies- not his personality-and we find his unpretentious behavior rather endearing. When I lived in London for four years, I learned how condescending some privileged English blokes could be. Once at a pub, someone asked what I did for a living and when I answered that I was an English teacher, they laughed hysterically and corrected me with a self-satisfied smirk on their curled upper lips: "Oh you mean you are an American teacher."

Jennifer 3 days ago Well done Ruth - Clearly you sucked at Maths at School. I do pity the kids having to out up with you. You are not an English teacher, and you certainly don't qualify as an Ameri-can teacher - perhaps you are an Ameri-can't teacher!

If there were only 7million bigots in the USA - it would be a FAR FAR better place. Sadly, 63million more of your type deserve to be insulted, and insulted ... and !

Nate speaks for the WORLD, all 7+ BILLION non-Amercinas ... as well as the other 52% of sensible Americans - If anything, Nate was being quite nice really and pulling his punches like a gentleman would !

Donald (Yep!) 3 days ago Ruth, you are most fascinating?

How is it that you are repulsed by aristocracy, elistism, bullying, condescension and privilege, yet you find Don Trumpet “ rather endearing” Trump has no wit – he can barely understand a joke, nor tell one! Trump was born elite and rich, and went to elitist schools and college! He is useless as an entrepreneur – more than half a dozen bankruptcies to his name!

So what exactly is it that you find so endearing? Is it the fact that he cheated on his wife with a Porn Star? Is it the fact that he grabs women by the fanny without their permission? Is it his love of fast food? Is it his racist rhetoric? Is it the fact that he barely survived Covid thanks to 11+ doctors, fancy breathing machines, and state of the art drugs that you would NEVER get while a few thousand more Americans died today with no doctors, no equipment and no drugs for them!

What exactly is it – we all want to know? We really do?

Ann T 2 days ago Ruth, you are embarrassing yourself. Get over the war fought 250 years ago, which you seem to think makes your opinion count for something more. The British have been our Allies and friends for more than 100 years. Bringing up ancient history makes you look like an uneducated bully.

Also, I am sick and tired of Trump’s Dementors looking upon themselves as “patriots,” as if adorning yourselves with the American flag, (or humping it, in Trump’s case), makes you superior, or a better American. Real Americans respect the Constitution, which Trump is trying to destroy. We respect the Statue of Liberty as our symbol of hope and freedom, which Trump has again destroyed. We respect our friends and allies, knowing that working WITH other countries makes the world a better place for us all. Trump is all about enriching himself.

David Weston 2 days ago Ruth, as an American, you are an embarrassment. Get over the Revolutionary War. It’s a fun dig when you’re at the pub, not when talking about a presidency that failed it’s people. We may have once been “entrepreneurial rugged individualists” at one point, but now we are filled with selfish brats, science deniers, “patriots” that don’t like their “freedoms” infringed upon...in general, idiots. As for the “7 million voting American Patriots” that Nate insulted, that is 2% of the population. Who cares what those racist, misogynistic, nationalists think.

Lope 1 day ago Ruth. I am surprised that an 'English' teacher doesn't appear to have a clue how to spell or use 'to wit'. To wit means 'Namely'. 'Tu whit' doesn't mean anything. Neither does "to whit" A whit is a teeny, tiny amount. No wonder those evil Brits laughed at you.

Michael 3 days ago Trump is so dumb that he never produces a surprise. He talks before thinking and acts in the stupidest way. Trump does not have enough developed mind to manage himself, talkless of managing a business. That is why he has never behaved presidential.

KayDee 3 days ago Ne'er a truer word has been writ. This is hilarious... I'm howling in laughter ?? ... this should be framed and taught in schools across the globe.

Robert 3 days ago An amazing summary of Trump’s character! Brilliantly done! THANK YOU for putting into words what so many Americans feel. We embarrassed for ourselves.

Miguel Zavala 3 days ago Completely in agreement with the article and all your comments!

Rusty Mayes 3 days ago Nearly perfect!!!!

Mimi 3 days ago Spot on! As an American with part British Family, the scary part is the number of folks who pretended he didn’t represent their worldview but voted for him. It’s scary that he got that many votes! The electoral college system gave us this minority desire over the majority’s wishes! He still doesn’t get it that he lost! This emperor has no clothes, who will tell him! Most folks I spoke to seemed to despise him but they apparently voted for him. America started down this path with Sarah Palin and Trump. Let’s pray it ends with him!

Carlos Hernandez 3 days ago What a delightful piece, on the spot in every paragraph thank you

Joyce Munson-Davis 3 days ago Oh, DDD, whoever you are just jealous of this fine writer, a tRump toady, or on Mitch McC's payroll?You couldn't be the ridiculous excuse for a man, much less a president, himself,,for he lacks the intelligence and wit to have created such a fine work of literary splendor. Bravo, I say, Bravo!

American in London 3 days ago A brilliantly written article; spot-on in every aspect. Hats off!

Felix Justice 3 days ago It isn’t merely that Trump has flaws. He is a creature without a conscience; a man without a soul. There’s no there there. Nobody’s home.

D DDD 3 days ago Trump has his flaws, and I'm not a fan, but the author in his incandescent hatred for Trump has written a humorless, witless, bullying piece that demonstrates that it is the author himself who has the qualities that he ascribes to Trump.

Michael 3 days ago Perhaps this level of wit is beyond your ken and you most likely voted for Trump and hate the reflection you're seeing in this brilliant piece of literature...

Jennifer 3 days ago Michael - what a brilliant answer to a stupid D DDD comment - nicely done :-)

Meg 2 days ago Thank you! I voted for Trump both times and it isn’t because I think he’s a stellar person. He has, however, stood up for conservative issues such as pro-life. He also understands and believes in capitalism. I may not live the package he comes in, but he is willing to take a beating for the values America was founded in. As for the author of this article, no one is without some positive traits. He shouldn’t be writing articles if he isn’t willing to even find the good stuff to then dismiss.

Geir 1 day ago Holy cow! Do you really think tRump gives a rats ass about pro-life or anything at all except for himself? How come this is so hard for so many americans to see? Listen to him talk for gods sake! It's all about himself!!!

Meg 1 day ago No, I don’t think he personally cares about any conservative issues. He is an independent who wanted to be president and told the republicans that he would fight for their issues. He was voted in and he was true to his word. I can’t say I like HOW he chose to fight for our issues, but he doggedly fought for the side he chose to represent. I think of it as like a lawyer who defends his client even if he doesn’t share that clients life views. We had someone who would fight for us and he got to fill his dream of being president.

Louise 6 hours ago Absolutely correct d DDD

Louise 6 hours ago Listen to Biden, he can only speak while stuttering through what someone else wrote for him. He and his son are both crooks and lie through their teeth

Halston 3 days ago I am relieved, somebody has captured the essence of humanity and Trump is woeful lacking.

David C 3 days ago Exactly what I thought, right from the first minute he announced his candidacy.

MT 3 days ago That is also why 75 million Americans don't like him. He lacks all those qualities because he is amoral, outside the moral to immoral spectrum. All you have to do to know this is to watch him while he is trying to fake empathy. He simply can't.

MA 3 days ago What a perfect description of a sick bully! Oh yes! How I wished this text could land on the screen of his phone or whatever he posts his sh*t on Twitter! Auf this is indeed a bullet in his dead ugly head. An evil man not even better evilness. Perhaps his behaviours are his own version of what it is to be a heroic republican ... ??

Felix Justice 3 days ago RESOLVED Liberals are much nicer people than conservatives -Democrats more humane than Republicans.

Meg 2 days ago I think most conservatives feel just as strongly in the opposite direction. Liberals may smile and talk nice, but they are behind-your-back bullies. Conservatives generally aren’t two-faced. If they don’t like something, they’ll say it straight up. This is why they voted for Trump over Hillary in 2016. She would say anything she thought you wanted to hear in a classy, polished way but it was impossible to tell when she was lying through her teeth.

P. Rob. 3 days ago Where their is no Wisdom. Then No Commonsense. PR.

Hans 4 days ago Perfect and spot on. "Qualities which the British esteem". And that is exactly why we, "The Dutch" love (and envy) the British. You have indeed perfected these qualities to a level far beyond our reach. So we compensate by being a bit more direct. I guess Trump in turn has perfected this compensation to an absurd level.

DD 4 days ago I found his his comment to Harry needing help re his wife Markle was very funny.

Maria 4 days ago Amazingly accurate and well written!!!! Thank You! My only wish now is that those who support him somehow brand themselves so that we could tell them apart.

DD 4 days ago I found his comment aimed at Harry needing help re his wife Markle very funny.

Shri 4 days ago Absolutely. He is Lord of the Flies

Strath 4 days ago Trump has made the USA the laughing stock of the world. Certainly not the greatest country in the world!

Santi 4 days ago Whoever this writer is... is. The most negative opinionated dummy who speaks for an entire country of his personal opinion .. that is garbage, trash and not worth a word to be believed in.

Hiraldo 4 days ago On the contrary dear Santi. The writer is actually very very accurate.

You are right about one thing - the writer should not speak for his country.

Instead - he should speak for the Entire World - because make no mistake, the Entire World, not just the UK, views Trump's America as a total madhouse fit for a good laugh and not much more.

Michael 3 days ago Hate what you see in the mirror huh? Trumpturd

Michael 3 days ago Santi, if anyone is indoubt of that picture of Trump, it's only you

Norine Howes 4 days ago As a Canadian and having British Parents I would say you nailed it. Couldn’t agree more.

Ian Stirrett 4 days ago As a proud Canadian, and immigrant from the UK, I agree wholeheartedly and appreciate how you worded your article.