Sexual Assault - Grand Jury Indicts Sex Assault Suspect
January 24 2022
6:07 AM
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Sexual Assault

Grand Jury Indicts Sex Assault Suspect

Story by Oregon Herald Staff
Published on December 2, 2021 3:18 AM
BEAVERTON, Oregon - On November 30, 2021, a Washington County grand jury indicted 44-year-old Adam Trent Jackson of Portland on Kidnapping in the 1st Degree, Attempted Kidnapping in the 2nd Degree, Robbery in the 1st Degree, two counts of Strangulation, two counts of Unlawful Use of a Weapon, three counts of Sex Abuse in the 1st Degree, Unlawful Sexual Penetration in the 1st Degree, and Sodomy in the 1st Degree.

The charges stemmed from three separate incidents which occurred between October 1, 2021 and November 15, 2021. Adam Trent Jackson is alleged to have victimized three adult women in separate incidents during this timeframe. All three incidents occurred in Washington County, two of those incidents occurred in the downtown Beaverton area.

Beaverton Police Detectives working the case believe there may be more victims. If you or someone you know had a similar experience with Adam Trent Jackson, please contact Detective Chad Opitz by phone at 503.526.2674 or by email at