July 30 2021
4:34 AM
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While the president and his team see an opportunity to leverage increasingly socially-conscious boardrooms
Published on April 14, 2021 11:46 AM

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The cautious courtship between corporate America and the Biden White House could play a critical role in the president’s agenda. | Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty Images
The business community doesn't dislike President Joe Biden's proposal to hike corporate taxes to pay for a massive $2 trillion-plus infrastructure plan. They detest it.

But there are some reasons to think corporate leaders are warming to Biden: They backed his Covid-19 recovery plan, which pumped billions of dollars into hard-hit industries and small businesses. They know he comes from a business-friendly state that boasts more corporations than any other. And, well, he's not Donald Trump, whose trade wars hurt companies and whose incendiary remarks on race offended them.

Inside the White House, they are warming to corporate America, too. Biden and his team believe that while the two sides may be at loggerheads over tax rates, they can use business leaders to help move other policy priorities. They talk regularly with corporate America and the White House is considering forming an advisory group of business leaders in much the same way as other recent presidents, including Trump and Barack Obama.