June 12 2021
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Published on October 21, 2020 8:45 AM

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Trump lashes out wildly as he seeks an election comeback
(CNN) President Donald Trump is struggling to find a compelling rationale for his reelection ahead of the final presidential debate, firing off wild, scattershot attacks against an expanding list of perceived political enemies.

On a day of vitriol and stunts, the President's base-stoking narrative of anger and personal persecution targeted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes," the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Supreme Court and Dr. Anthony Fauci. At an evening rally in Pennsylvania, he even took a shot at "Crooked Hillary." He also intensified pressure on Attorney General William Barr to launch criminal probes into Biden.

But Trump's quest for distractions simply underscored how he is ignoring the true and most dangerous adversary facing America -- the pandemic that has buckled his false reelection narrative of a nation on the rebound and has left millions out of work. His frantic efforts to save his presidency lacked the focus of his populist, nationalist economic arguments in 2016 -- and an opponent in Hillary Clinton, who he was conveniently able to cast as a villain for his outsider message.

his year's Democratic nominee, whose polling lead has survived all Trump's claims that he is corrupt and a Trojan horse for radical leftists, is a more elusive target. The former vice president spent another day huddled in his Delaware home prepping for Thursday's debate -- the last scheduled set-piece event of an often bizarre 2020 campaign. Trump, in the middle of a grueling set of rallies after recovering from the virus, traveled to Erie, where he ...