June 12 2021
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Published on November 27, 2020 4:15 AM

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Where Trump beat the stuffing out of Biden
Donald Trump may have lost the popular vote, but he likely won by a landslide in the place that produced your Thanksgiving turkey.

In a sign of his dominance in rural America, the president roasted Joe Biden in the nation's top turkey-producing areas, carving out big victory margins in every one of the top 20 congressional districts ranked by the number of turkeys sold.

Overall, the president won 4 of the top 5 turkey producing states — Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina — losing only the nation's top producer, Minnesota. But that stat is slightly misleading: according to an analysis of Department of Agriculture data and unofficial election returns, Trump captured Minnesota's turkey country, winning the three congressional districts that sell the bulk of the state's turkeys.

Several Trump policies — including his biggest trade achievement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement — benefited turkey growers in the state since Minnesota exports more turkeys to those countries than anywhere else.

"The turkey industry was looking forward to the USMCA. That was very helpful," said Sarah Anderson, executive director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association. "We as an industry were excited when we were included in the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program funding round two. We weren't included in the first one, and so we ...