June 12 2021
8:08 AM
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Published on November 16, 2020 1:15 AM

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Beyond irresponsible: Republicans must put Americans and reality ahead of fealty to Trump
The election is over. Our nation turned out to vote in record numbers, and the results are clear. This was a free and fair election of which we can be proud. More than 72 million votes were cast for Donald Trump and more than 77 million for Joe Biden. Biden has clearly achieved the 270-vote threshold in the Electoral College, and he is the president-elect.

President Trump has refused to publicly accept the election results and has his campaign legal team filing flimsy lawsuits in battleground states. Accusations of voter fraud espoused by Trump and his circle lack any evidence. His denigration of votes that were mailed before Election Day and arrived afterwards disrespects our nation's troops, as many of those late-arriving votes are from men and women in uniform stationed overseas.

Describing votes arriving after Election Day as fraudulent is telling those who are risking their lives for our nation that their voices don't matter, even as our country just observed Veteran's Day. The only fraud that's been proven so far has come from those doing the alleging.

Last-ditch Trump attempt to sow chaos Several news outlets reported that a postal worker recanted claims cited by Republican leaders as potential evidence of widespread issues, admitting to making up his allegations. He tried to backtrack on backing off, but there's audio.

Nearly every major case brought by the president's lawyers has been thrown out by the courts in every state in which they have been filed. Asserting that recounts will change the outcome of the election in several states is foolish. There won't even be a recount in Arizona — the vote margin must be within 200 votes because ...