June 12 2021
11:09 AM
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Published on April 27, 2021 3:03 AM

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President Joe Biden makes remarks at the White House, on April 20, 2021.Alex Wong / Getty Images
WASHINGTON — The day before Joe Biden's inauguration, we wrote that the new president's biggest task was achieving his goal of 100 million vaccine doses in his first 100 days on job.

Well, he accomplished that.

Then Biden set a revised goal of 200 million doses administered in those first 100 days.

He met that, too.

And so now he faces two much more formidable vaccine challenges as he approaches his 100th day on the job next week.

One, the president has to start making a dent in the 15 to 20 percent of Americans who are resistant/hesitant to being vaccinated, according to public polling.

That's why we're seeing PSAs from country-music star Brad Paisley, as well as Biden's announcement yesterday that companies should give their employees paid time off to recover from their vaccines if they need it.

And it's coming as vaccine supply is now starting to outstrip demand in some areas.

Challenge No. 2 is ensuring that the rest of the world also gets vaccinated, especially with the news that India reported a record 312,000new confirmed cases in just one day.

"We're looking at what is going to be done with some of the vaccines that we are not using. We're going to make sure they are safe to be sent. And we hope to be able to be of some help and value to countries around the world," Biden said yesterday.

As we wrote back in January, so much flows from Biden — and the United States — meeting the vaccination goals.

It leads to a stronger economy, a more optimistic public, more reopened schools and more trust in government to do big things.

And a more vaccinated world leads to a stronger global economy and improved ties with other countries.

Data Download: The numbers you need to know today 32,009,670: The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, per the most recent data from NBC News and health officials. (That's 65,900more than yesterday morning.)

573,494: The number of deaths in the United States from the virus so far, per the most recent data from NBC News. (That's 934 more than yesterday morning.)

215,951,909: Number of vaccine doses administered in the U.S.

24 percent: The share of Americans who are fully vaccinated.

7: The number of days left for Biden to reach his 100-day vaccination goal.

26 percent: The share of white Evangelicals who say they will not get vaccinated, per a new PRRI poll.