June 12 2021
11:11 AM
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Published on November 8, 2020 9:32 PM

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Here's What Kamala Harris Faces as a 'First'
So many firsts. First woman. First Black vice president. First Black woman vice president. First South Asian American. First South Asian American woman. First VP whose parents come from India and Jamaica. First VP who counts Prince and Bootsy and hiphop among her musical loves. First VP who's a stepmom. First VP to be a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. First HBCU grad. First vice president married to a man …

Kamala Harris, who made her acceptance speech Saturday night in suffragette white, may claim more "first evers" than any other politician sworn into national office. And another: She's the first vice president-elect to do a victory lap to the beat of Mary J. Blige.

Memes abound.

Within moments of the election being called, corners of the internet erupted with what looked a lot like joy, infused with a sense of long-delayed arrival for huge swaths of Americans. There's the picture of Harris in profile, decked out in a power suit and power pumps, striding forward … and on the wall behind her, the shadow of a little girl in ...