June 12 2021
10:54 AM
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Published on November 5, 2020 4:19 AM

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All Joe Biden Needs In Arizona and Nevada then he's elected
Biden, Flipping Michigan and Wisconsin, Says It's "Clear' He Will Reach 270. Trump's campaign threatened legal challenges after its path to victory diminished somewhat, with Joe Biden winning two important states in the Midwest. Several other battlegrounds remained too close to call.

Vote counts continue in Georgia, Arizona; Trump mounts legal challenges

Joe Biden is 17 electoral votes away from a victory. All it takes is two states he currently leads. Nevada nd Arizona.

President Trump's reelection campaign attempted to halt vote-counting in Pennsylvania and Michigan, sought a recount in Wisconsin and challenged the handling of ballots in Georgia.

Trump, his son and top members of his campaign advanced a set of conspiracy theories about the vote-tallying process to claim that Democrats were rigging the final count.

Eric Trump tweeted a video, first pushed out by an account associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, that purported to show someone burning ballots cast for his father. The materials turned out to be sample ballots, and Twitter quickly suspended the original account that circulated the misleading clip.