June 12 2021
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Published on November 5, 2020 11:58 PM

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Three Reasons Biden Flipped the Midwest
Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania giveth, and Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania taketh away.

Joe Biden has not yet been declared the winner in his campaign against President Donald Trump. Although the former vice president is, as of Wednesday night, on the brink of victory in the Electoral College, with several states poised to finalize a count that would put him over the top, the race remains officially uncalled.

Four years ago, Trump won the presidency on the margin of three states—Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania—by a combined 77,744 votes. It was, to use poker terminology, an "inside straight," the sort of hand that seemingly comes together more by luck than by skill.

The story isn't that Trump's luck appears to have run out. The story is that Biden is poised to beat him with the same exact hand.

Wisconsin has counted all of its ballots, and the final result puts Biden ahead by roughly 20,500 votes—almost the mirror image of Hillary Clinton's loss in Wisconsin by 22,748 votes.

In Michigan, the final ballots from heavily Democratic precincts in Detroit are still being tallied. Those will add some ...