June 12 2021
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Published on November 2, 2020 12:26 PM

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Trump tries to undermine democratic process at the end of the campaign
(CNN)President Donald Trump is casting doubt on the integrity of vote counting and warning he will deploy squads of lawyers when polls close on Tuesday, as his latest attempts to tarnish the democratic process deepen a sense of national nervousness hours before Election Day.

The President's maneuvering, as he fights to the last moment to secure a second term, is taking place ahead of a court hearing in Texas Monday morning on a Republican request to throw out 127,000 drive-thru votes in a key county. The case is one of a growing number of GOP legal gambits to jam up vote counting or reject ballots and comes amid new concerns that the Postal Service, after reforms initiated by its new pro-Trump CEO, may struggle to deliver a deluge of mail-in ballots before counting deadlines. Fears are also growing that the President might try to declare victory before all the votes are counted as he and Democratic nominee Joe Biden launch a final-day swing through the battleground states that will decide one of the most crucial elections in modern US history. Their sprint is taking place as the coronavirus pandemic -- that Trump has denied and downplayed -- begins to rage out of control across most of the country. The situation further complicates life for millions expected to head to polling places on Tuesday to join the record 95 million citizens who have already cast an early vote.

Biden is leading in national polls and by a narrower margin in many key states and has multiple paths to victory. Trump's route to the required 270 votes is thinner but still viable, meaning either candidate could win. Trump's campaign is counting on a surge in Election Day turnout from his supporters to fuel the ...