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Published on Monday March 28, 2011 - 10:03 AM
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BEND, Ore. — Police have theorized that a 72-year-old Bend woman, Sandra Meyer, missing since March 9 was likely killed by her husband. He later used a gun to kill himself, Bend police said Friday.

The body of 71 year-old John Meyer and Sandra Meyer's purse were both found in a crawlspace under the couple's home.

A "substantial amount" of Sandra Meyer's blood was found in a heat duct of the house, said police representative Ben Gregory. Cadaver dogs searcheed in and around the home have not turned up additional clues, he said.

"This case is being investigated as a homicide-suicide," Gregory said.

The Deschutes County medical examiner said Thursday that John Meyer killed himself with a single gunshot. DNA analysis of the heat duct blood was completed Thursday.

John Meyer told police his wife left home on the evening of March 9 to attend a book club meeting at a downtown nightclub. He reported her missing the next morning.

Sandra Meyer's car was found parked in the Old Mill shopping area, prompting extensive searches there and in the Deschutes River.

John Meyer's body was found March 16.

Gregory says two letters found in the house apparently were written by John Meyer. In them, he outlined his reasons for taking his life, but denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance. Gregory did not elaborate on the letters' contents.

Still, evidence "leads investigators to believe Mr. Meyer is likely responsible for his wife's disappearance," Gregory said.

That evidence includes financial records, computer files, cell phones and other documents and is still being processed, the spokesman said.

Detectives have determined that the man bought a handgun and ammunition early this year.

"It is believed this handgun was used by Mr. Meyer to take his own life," Gregory said.