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Story by Anthony Sheffield - The Oregon Herald
Published on Tuesday December 7, 2010 - 11:43 PM
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PORTLAND - Highway 43 from Lake Oswego, through Johns Landing, to Portland is narrow and winds about with no shoulders and many bicyclists now peddle uphill through a steep Riverview Cemetery path to avoid cycling on the busy Highway 43 (Macadam Road). The road parallels the Willamette River to the east and canyon walls to the west and is right where Clackamas County would like a new bike path.

"There aren't very many alternatives and this is definitely the most direct route," said Karen Buehrig, Clackamas County transportation planning supervisor.

The county has just make the project available for design work and bid so plans are not yet available.

"What we're trying to focus on is to see what kind of solutions there may be and then looking at the solutions, we then think about … what the cost is and how we would pay for it," Buehrig said.

The county says the bike path could fill a gap on a network that already has painted bike lanes in Lake Oswego and Portland.

"It's a very dangerous place for cyclists, is what I think," Buehrig said. "And there is also a great deal of both people who are commuting, as well as recreational riders, that are trying to get to and from Portland."

Funding is a major issue for taxpayers, and according to the county, it will apply for federal grant money that's available for green transportation projects like new bike paths.