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Story by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
Published on Saturday November 20, 2010 - 7:56 AM
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AURORA, Oregon - 70 Year old pilot George Bahrman is still in poor condition after he crashed his small plane into a home on Cessna Street near the Aurora Airport.The aircraft was a Aeronca Champ 7-AE, single-engine light plane. The small town of Aurora, Oregon located about 25 miles south of Portland.

A woman in the home was not hurt. The pilot, George Bahrman was taken to OHSU with non-life threatening injuries.

Sally Jones who lives in the home was lucky not to be injured because she was walking outside her front door when the plane hit. She said she heard a buzzing sound, "too close, too low.' And bam! The impact knocked me off my porch – about four feet down and six feet over," said Jones. She was surprised when she went back inside and saw the nose of an airplane in her living room but shocked when she saw the pilot sitting on the edge of her roof. She said Bahrman was in shock, but when she asked if he was OK, he said he "was fine."

Rescue crews responded to the site just west of Interstate 5. The plane caught fire after impact but the flames went out on their own.

Pilot Bahrman said he was practicing taking off and landing when the plane crashed at about 12:30 p.m. The cause of the crash is unknown but the FAA is investigating.