June 12 2021
7:55 AM
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Story by The Oregon Herald Staff
Published on Friday June 4, 2021 - 10:32 PM
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SALEM, Oregon - The Department of Human Services is asking the public to help find Leilia Johansen, age 11, Adisenn Proffitt, age 5, Ansen Proffitt, age 5, and Izabella Proffitt, age 9, a sibling group in foster care who are missing.

The brother and sisters went missing from Portland on May 27 and are believed to be in danger.

The Oregon Department of Human Services asks the public for help in the effort to find them and to contact 911 or local law enforcement if they believe they see them.

The children are suspected to be with their grandmother Lorri Proffitt. They are suspected to be in Southeast Portland or Colton, Oregon.