July 31 2021
8:51 AM
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  The Oregon Institute of Technology and Eastern Oregon University were the state’s last public universities to announce these requirement    

Story by Meerah Powell (OPB) - Story Source
Published on Friday June 4, 2021 - 10:05 AM
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It's unanimous. With recent announcements from Eastern Oregon University and the Oregon Institute of Technology, all of Oregon's public universities will be requiring COVID-19 vaccinations this fall.

OIT made its announcement Wednesday afternoon, and EOU followed on Thursday. Like all of Oregon's other public universities, both OIT and EOU will require vaccinations for students, faculty and staff — except with legally accepted exemptions.

"We deliberated this decision at length, evaluated science and public health recommendations, and surveyed the EOU community to identify the best path to restoring a healthy, highly engaged community for those who work and learn on our campus," EOU President Tom Inkso said in a statement Thursday...

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