August 2 2021
6:29 PM
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Published on Friday June 4, 2021 - 12:08 AM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - On June 3, 2021, Portland Fire Investigators arrested a person in connection with multiple North Portland fires that occurred in the early morning hours on June 2, 2021.

Fire investigators were able to obtain several video footages from cameras in and around the set fires. Portland Fire & Rescue would like to thank the community and all the agencies, including Portland Police Bureau, who worked collaboratively to locate the responsible person.

Below are the details of the fire incidents:

0459 hours: Vehicle Fire; N. Borthwick; Van set on fire which extended to a structure. Damage: $25,000

0507 hours: Vehicle Fire; N. Albina / N. Failing; Motorcycle cover set on fire which damaged cover and motorcycle. Damage: $2500

0519 hours: Cold Fire (fire extinguished prior to firefighter arrival) across from 4284 N. Maryland; Papers set in the wheel well of the vehicle were found burning next to car. No Damage.

0522 hours: Commercial Fire; 5501 N. Interstate; Exterior fire which destroyed garage/storage area of Georges Bar. Fire caused damage to the apartment complex next door at 1519 N. Interstate Avenue. Damages: $75,000.00

0533 hours: Vehicle Fire; 5055 N. Interstate Avenue. Vehicle was parked in a parking lot beneath an occupied apartment building. Firefighters came across vehicle fire while responding to a fire at a different location. Early discovery of this fire prevented damage to the apartment building. Damages: $35,000.00

0536 hours: Structure Fire; 7350 N. Greenwich Ave. Apartment building under construction. An exterior fire spread to the structure. Damages: $5,000.00

Jesse Austin Small was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on eight charges of arson.