June 23 2021
7:14 PM
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  Dr. de la Cruz started as superintendent with LOSD in 2019.    

Story by The Oregon Herald Staff
Published on Saturday April 24, 2021 - 5:53 AM
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Lake Oswego School District Superintendent Dr. Lora de la Cruz submitted her letter of resignation effective June 30, 2021 to the Lake Oswego School Board, which will contemplate a response and next steps at the public board meeting on Monday, Apr. 26.

Dr. de la Cruz's need to be in a more proximal location to her immediate family in large part due to health issues that her mother is facing is the reason for her resignation.

"Anyone who knows me knows that my mother has been my hero and a model of the power of education, and that my life's work has been built from this significant example. So it is poignant that the very person who inspired me to become an educator and leader has now become the compelling reason why I am choosing to leave my current leadership post." Additionally in her message, Dr. de la Cruz acknowledged her time with the district. "It has been my great privilege to work alongside the school board and district team in service to the students and community of LOSD. I am honored to have provided leadership for many changes and challenges, such as our pandemic response amid exceedingly difficult variables, elevating the work of inclusion, equity and antiracism, amplifying student voice, creating greater coherence in our practices and setting bold strategic priorities to support the school board's inspirational vision for our district. I am committed to seeing LOSD through the remainder of the school year and planning for five full days of school." Dr. de la Cruz spent the 27 years of her educational career leading for equity, access and opportunity for students, with particular attention to those who have been historically underserved. As the child of a Mexican immigrant, Dr. de la Cruz has a lived experience that proves the power of education to change one's life, and has made it her life's work to ensure that children and families have access, opportunities and quality educational experiences.

She served as Superintendent of Lake Oswego School District, led the cultivation of a culture of belonging, through policy, practices and professional development, with a strong focus on anti-racism and on students and families who have been marginalized. Throughout her career, she has served as a teacher, school administrator, district administrator and now superintendent and has worked with a great diversity of students and families across the socioeconomic spectrum. She has led initiatives such as co-creating an instructional infrastructure, Universal Design for Learning, anti-racist and bias awareness work, all to ensure that all student groups have access to opportunities and quality educational experiences so that they can manifest their potential. She has successfully led gap-closing efforts resulting in achievement and growth for students learning English, Latino and Black students, and students with Special Education needs.

Dr. de la Cruz lives her life from a place of service to others, which is why she also supports aspiring leaders through mentorship and active participation in leadership development programs. In addition to being an active advocate within the state, she is also active with national organizations such as the National Superintendent Association and Association for Latinx Administrators and Superintendents. She aspires to continuously support students, families, educators and leaders in order to contribute to the current and future success of education.

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