June 14 2021
7:01 AM
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Story by Jenny Young, KOIN 6 News Staff - Story Source
Published on Friday April 9, 2021 - 1:15 AM
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PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) — On the eve of moving back into a High Risk COVID category, the Clackamas County commissioners appealed to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to re-think her decision before it takes effect on Friday.

"Our residents have been through much – three declared disasters in 11 months. While our communities are resilient, many businesses and their employees are on precipice of collapse," the 5 commissioners said in a signed letter sent to Brown Thursday night. "Please allow us the two week caution period and focus the efforts of education and enforcement on the populations where the spikes are occurring."

Chair Tootie Smith and Commissioners Paul Savas, Sonya Fischer, Mark Shull and Martha Schrader signed the letter when they met Thursday night.

Multnomah, Clackamas returning to "High Risk' category

"I'm sure employees have already been told not to come to work tomorrow (Friday). That's a big deal," Savas said. "This is going to shut some businesses down permanently and those employees have no place to go other than the unemployment line."

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Oak Grove resident Yvonne Lazarus called into the commission meeting and became emotional as she told the commission her fears for businesses and their employees...