April 10 2021
4:22 AM
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Oregon Real ID: What you'll need to fly domestically come October 1st
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Story by Stuart Tomlinson KATU Staff - Story Source
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  Preparation for domestic fly How to get on a plane this fall?  
PORTLAND, Ore. — It's back.

Oregon DMV officials are urging anyone looking to travel by air later this year to apply for an Oregon Real ID.

The federally mandated travel document requirement was supposed to go into effect last October, but was delayed a year due to the pandemic.

We've got the details on how to get yours, as well as other options that will allow you to get on a plane this fall without hassle.


A year ago, Oregon DMV officials were scrambling to get a new computer system up to handle the influx of applicants for the Oregon Real ID.

Then the pandemic hit, and the October 2020 deadline was extended to Oct. 1, 2021.

"We did successfully implement our new computer system in July of 2020," said DMV spokesman, David House. "And that new computer included the Real ID option in Oregon."

House said a regular driver's license will not get you on a plane through an airport TSA checkpoint after the fall deadline.

But there are other options.

A regular passport book or passport card will work just as well as the Oregon Real ID.

House recommends anyone who needs to have their regular driver's license renewed before Oct. 1, apply for the Real ID instead. Read full story