June 17 2021
5:04 PM
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Story by Christine Pitawanich - Story Source
Published on Thursday March 18, 2021 - 1:07 AM
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LINCOLN CITY, Oregon - More than six months after wildfires burned homes in parts of Oregon, some people are still living in hotels.

At the Ashley Inn and Suites in Lincoln City, a couple who used to live in Detroit is still displaced, staying at the hotel unsure what the future holds. Their RV and most all of their belongings burned in the fire that swept the Santiam Canyon in September.

Charles and Linda Beck, along with their dog Brandy, have hopped from a friend's home, to a motel in Salem, and are now in Lincoln City.

"I mean it's nice. I appreciate it. I appreciate the help they've given us," said Charles. "But this is not our home. I haven't had my wife's home cooking for six months."

He and Linda have been married for almost 37 years.