June 17 2021
3:47 PM
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  Atlanta shootings   Oregon Rep. Khan Pham on "All Things Considered"  

Story by Tiffany Camhi (OPB) and Donald Orr (OPB) - Story Source
Published on Thursday March 18, 2021 - 1:05 AM
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Asian Americans across the country and in the Pacific Northwest are reeling after Tuesday's deadly mass shooting in Atlanta.

Investigators in that case are still determining the white shooter's motive, but we do know that six of the eight victims were Asian American women. And this attack comes amid a rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oregon Rep. Khan Pham is the only Asian American in the state Legislature, and her district covers parts of Southeast and East Portland that have comparatively large Asian American and Pacific Islander populations.

She joined All Things Considered host Tiffany Camhi Wednesday to talk about the Atlanta shootings, their impact on Oregonians and the role state leaders should play in curbing racist rhetoric and hate crimes. To listen to their full conversation,