May 12 2021
8:09 AM
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Story by Mike Chapman - Story Source
Published on Wednesday March 17, 2021 - 4:23 AM

A fugitive from the law ran out of excuses to avoid jail and on Tuesday was sitting behind bars awaiting extradition back to Oregon.

Jeffery Kenton, 59, tried to pull a fast one on Anderson police — such as saying he didn't have an ID because his family was Amish — but officers had their doubts.

Shoplifting security agents at the Anderson Walmart contacted police Saturday because they said a "white male adult with long hair" had tried to steal about $100 worth of items before fleeing in a vehicle on Rhonda Road.

Police found the vehicle about three miles away at Rhonda Road and Matthew Lane in Cottonwood and conducted a traffic stop.

The man, later identified as Kenton, said his name was Jeffery Rockwell, but police said that name didn't come up through a records check for prior contacts in all 50 states.

When officers told him they thought he was giving them a false name, Kenton replied he didn't have any IDs, a driver's license or Social Security number because of his Amish background.