May 13 2021
9:09 PM
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  PANDEMIC   Essential workers  

Story by Hadley Heck and Staff - Story Source
Published on Tuesday March 16, 2021 - 3:12 AM

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Essential workers are asking to be compensated with that additional money coming in.

On Monday, union workers across Oregon say they kept Oregon moving throughout the pandemic after putting their health and safety at risk, and they're now seeking further compensation for their work.

Over the past year, essential workers across Oregon masked up to keep the state alive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they feel undervalued.

"Nutrition services, we're mostly a female workforce and we're the lowest paid PPS group and we're the only ones who have had our hours and wages cut during the pandemic," said Amy Silva, a Portland Public Schools Food Service worker with SEIU 503.

"Farmworkers, food processing workers have experienced inequitable consequences during the pandemic," said Tomas Barolo, a community organizer with PCUN. "As frontline workers, these workers have put their health and families health at risk but they cannot afford to miss work because even though their work is essential, it's not well paid."