June 17 2021
3:37 PM
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Story by Ashley Koch - Story Source
Published on Saturday March 13, 2021 - 1:54 AM
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F. King Alexander was hired at Oregon State University last summer, but he previously led Louisiana State University for seven years.

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Calls are growing for Oregon State University to fire its president for the way he handled sex assault investigations while he was president of Louisiana State University (LSU).

F. King Alexander was hired at Oregon State last summer, but he previously led LSU for seven years.

In 2013 when Alexander worked at LSU, the school's athletic director recommended that Alexander fire football coach Les Miles because of allegations of inappropriate behavior with female students.

But Alexander decided not to. He claimed there wasn't enough evidence.

Miles was eventually fired from LSU three years later, but it wasn't because of the allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Miles went on to coach at the University of Kansas, until a few days ago when he was fired over the allegations that took place at LSU.

Last summer, Oregon State hired Alexander saying they found "the best of the best." Then in November 2020, a USA Today investigation found that LSU mishandled sex assault claims for years. Not just about Miles, but about athletes and other students who were accused of attacking women on campus.