May 14 2021
10:14 PM
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Story by Keaton Thomas - Story Source
Published on Thursday March 11, 2021 - 9:36 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. — As Multnomah County gets ready to join Clackamas and Washington counties in the moderate risk level, which comes with fewer COVID-19 restrictions, economists are bullish on a rebound. People have saved money and they're waiting to spend it, according to economists. Easing restrictions, they say, also means jobs will come back.

Starting Friday, businesses in Multnomah County can allow customers inside at 50% capacity.

At Migration Brewing, Co-founder Colin Rath said they are getting ready to welcome additional customers inside. They also just opened a new location on North Williams.

"All three of our locations have been doing indoor dining as well as patio seating. We'll be increasing it for those who feel comfortable with it, those who are vaccinated," said Rath.

Easing restrictions could mean a swift bounce-back for the hard-hit restaurant and hospitality industry. More customers will also force bars, restaurants, and hotels to hire once again. Still, some businesses tell KATU News hiring has been difficult.

At 50% capacity, it marks a shift for restaurants and bars. According to Jason Brandt, President and CEO of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association, most restaurants can break even, or begin making money, with 50% capacity.