June 14 2021
5:58 PM
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Story by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
Published on Monday March 8, 2021 - 1:59 AM
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On Sunday morning, at about 10AM, Keizer Police received a call from an employee at the Dollar Tree at 5014 River Road North, Keizer. According to the store employees, there was a man holding a black duffel bag behaving suspiciously. He told an employee that he had a bomb inside the duffel bag. Police arrested the suspect identified as Todd Randall Schneider, 56 years-old, of Salem. The bag had no explosives.

Police say they charged the suspect with disorderly conduct and released him. It is not clear why he was released because police also indicate there were six outstanding but unrelated warrants for his arrest. As a precaution, the Dollar Tree and a neighboring business were evacuated during the investigation. River Road was closed between Chemawa Road and Claggett Street for about two and a half hours. Bail was set at $ 5,000.