May 13 2021
1:25 AM
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Story By Keeley Webster - Story Source
Published on Thursday October 15, 2020 - 6:24 AM

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has appointed Matthew Garrett wildfire recovery director, and he will advise her on issues related to the 2020 wildfire season.

Garrett will develop a strategic recovery plan designed to consider the needs of all impacted Oregon communities, and lead the development of a 2021 budget and policy request that represents the recovery needs of Oregon communities in collaboration with the governor's Disaster Cabinet and Wildfire Economic Recovery Council.

"As we begin the process of rebuilding after the historic wildfire devastation our state has seen, we need a seasoned leader like Mr. Garrett who understands the economics of our state, as well as the importance of bringing communities together," Brown said in a statement.

Brown said in September the state would likely have to hold a third special session to deal with wildfire costs.

The Oregon Department of Forestry reported on Monday it is ...