June 21 2021
12:28 AM
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Story by The Oregon Herald Staff
Published on Saturday October 3, 2020 - 8:39 PM
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PORTLAND, Oregon — A Portland Police officer drove a motorcycle into a protester who was blocking his path and pushed the person for some distance after what had been a largely peaceful demonstration against police violence Friday outside an East Portland law enforcement building.


A video of the incident Friday night posted minutes later shows an officer trying to get away from a crowd by driving into the protester as she stood in his way, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

n a statement released early Saturday morning, Portland police said the woman jumped onto the officer's motorcycle after the officer pulled over two vehicles that were blocking traffic. Another video showed a vehicle speeding off and protesters gathering around the officer as he spoke to the driver of the other vehicle.

As the officer yelled for people to back up, the driver of the other vehicle fled and the officer mounted his motorcycle to leave as several protesters moved to block his path. As he pulled away, he drove into the protester and pushed her for several feet before she fell.

Police said objects were thrown at the officer and one video appears to show an open beverage being thrown.

Live videos from the scene showed officers checking to see if the person needed medical attention. An argument ensued, and one person was detained.

The woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation and was arrested, police said. A total of four people were arrested on charges including attempted assault of an officer, disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

The protests against police violence began in late May after the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd and have mostly continued since. Protesters want city officials to cut at least $50 million from the Portland police budget and use the money on programs for Black Portlanders. They have also called for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to resign and for state and federal prosecutors to drop all charges against protesters.