May 13 2021
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Story by Donna Millsap - The Oregon Herald
Published on Monday September 14, 2020 - 12:41 AM

HILLSBORO, Oregon - The City of Hillsboro's buildings and facilities are closed to the public for Monday, September 14. Smoke pollution from wildfires raging across the Pacific Northwest worsened in Hillboro and Portland in the last two days, giving some of the world's worst air quality in history.

Public health officials warned residents to keep indoors with the windows shut, to set air conditioners to run on recirculated air instead of fresh, and to use air purifiers if they had them. Meanwhile, they wrestled with whether to open "smoke shelters" for homeless people or others lacking access to clean air amid the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about herding people indoors.

Fire & Rescue, Police, Water, Public Works, and other essential services will continue as unhealthy air remains hovered over the region.

The City's website is in position to provide assistance, 24 hours a day, at

See the City's Facilities and Parks Status Map for the latest updates on each location. An update for openings on Tuesday, September 15, will be posted by Monday evening.

Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality has issued another air quality advisory through Tuesday afternoon for Central Oregon, the Portland area, Willamette Valley and the Columbia River Gorge as strong winds sent dense smoke from Oregon and Washington swirling across the region.

Monday's winds gusting to 30-40 mph blew dense smoke across much of the High Desert, sending air pollution levels to the "unhealthy" category for a time, dropping to "unhealthy for sensitive groups" before nightfall.

DEQ said it and partner agencies will continue to monitor smoke in these areas.

As of Sunday, September 13, at 6:30 pm, the City of Hillsboro still has no evacuation orders. Please follow official City of Hillsboro social media feeds for accurate, current information.

Hillsboro Fire & Rescue Department Twitter Hillsboro Police Department Twitter City of Hillsboro Twitter

Utility Billing You can still call the Utility Billing Message Line at 503-681-5350 and leave a voicemail for a staff response. Staff will respond within 24 business hours. You can also access services online on our Utility Billing webpage. As a reminder, no water service disconnections are taking place at this time. You can also learn about federal assistance for paying your utility bill during COVID-19 on our Utility Assistance page.

Municipal Court
You can call the Municipal Court mainline at 503-681-6157 to leave a voicemail for staff to respond within 24 business hours. You can also access services online at Municipal Court webpage.

HPL To Go at Brookwood Library and Shute Park Library is closed. Books will be held and no fines will be assessed. Phones will not be answered.

Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center is closed. Phones will not be answered.