May 11 2021
6:31 AM
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Story by Oregon Herald staff
Published on Thursday June 11, 2020 - 6:31 PM


TUALATIN, Oregon – On Monday, June 8, the Tualatin City Council agreed to take the Obama Foundation's "Mayor's Pledge" to address police use of force policies in Tualatin. As described in the pledge, the city will:

  1. REVIEW the use of force policies.
  2. ENGAGE the community by including a diverse range of input, experiences, and stories in our review.
  3. REPORT the findings of our review to our community and seek feedback.
  4. REFORM our community's police use of force policies.

During the City Council Meeting, City Manager Sherilyn Lombos said, "This is important. We will make the bandwidth [to do this]." She and Police Chief Bill Steele are working to build a plan for reviewing these policies with the community within the ninety-day timeframe required by the pledge. Mayor Frank Bubenik said, "In my mind, this is a wonderful way to bring in our city committees, Diversity Task Force, and Aging Task Force in addition to residents."

The City of Tualatin is committed to being actively anti-racist and to working with the community to evaluate and make any necessary changes to our institutions. The recent murder of George Floyd does not reflect the values of the Tualatin Police Department, and we must ensure that excessive use of force against our communities of color ends. "I've had conversations with people I've never talked to in our community before and they've been asking wonderful questions that really needed to be asked about how the police department operates. They deserve to know that information," said Police Chief Bill Steele.