April 20 2021
2:15 AM
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Mayor to Proclaim Vanport Day of Remembrance
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PORTLAND, Oregon - On Wednesday, Mayor Wheeler and Portland City Council will proclaim May 30th to be Vanport Day of Remembrance. Vanport, once the second largest city in Oregon, was destroyed by flood waters in 1948.

The event is open to the public and will be attended by several former residents of Vanport.

The reading of the proclamation by the Mayor will kick off a full schedule of events throughout the 2nd annual Vanport Mosaic Festival, May 26-29 in Portland. The four-day festival will explore the history and legacy of the city built in 1942 to house workers and their families during WWII.

Vanport brought together a mix of races from across the country to work in Portland's shipyards and railroads. On May 30, 1948, the city was destroyed by flood waters, leaving thousands displaced and struggling to find housing.

The proclamation will be shared twice again during the Vanport Mosaic Festival, both times at the opening of the screening of Lost City, Living Memories: Vanport oral histories: --May 27 at 6.30pm, by Senator Jackie Winters, a flood survivor, at the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church of Portland --May 29 at 6pm, by Shalanda Sims, director of Vanport, The Musical - with remarks by Com. Nick Fish at Irvington Covenant Church.

On May 30th, Senator Jackie Winters, a former Vanport resident, and flood survivor. and Representative Tina Kotek, are co-sponsoring a joint resolution, SCR 21, memorializing the 69th anniversary of the Vanport Flood.

THE VANPORT MOSAIC This proclamation is a result of ongoing efforts by the Vanport Mosaic, an organization co-founded in 2015 by Laura Lo Forti and Damaris Webb (www.vanportmosaic.org).

In addition to an annual festival held on Memorial Day Weekend, the oVanport Mosiac, along with its partners in the community, offers yearlong programming in the areas of film, theater, educational workshops, and exhibits. For more information, visit www.Vanportmosaic.org.