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Sunday January 17, 2010 - Times viewed: 8032
14-year-old boy hit by car slowly recovering
ALOHA, Ore. – A dangerous Tualatin Valley Highway intersection between Beaverton and Aloha will get its new pedestrian traffic signal one year ahead of schedule.

The decision was made at an Oregon Transportation Commission meeting Thursday. The move pushes up construction from 2012 to 2011 of a $1.2 million pedestrian-activated traffic signal project at Northwest 178th Avenue, which ...
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Sunday January 17, 2010 - Times viewed: 7942
Heroic Grandfather Burned While Saving Grandson From Fire
January 17, 2010PORTLAND, Ore. - Jim Smith Charged Into Burning House To Save Sleeping 6-Year-Old.The children are safe while a La Grande man is in a burn unit after risking his life to save his grandchild from a burning house Monday night. Jim Smith is recovering at Legacy Emanuel Hospital from burns to the top of his head, face, arms and 70 percent of his back after charging into the blaze on As ...
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Wednesday January 13, 2010 - Times viewed: 7913
Portland  woman ready to travel to  devastated Haiti
PORTLAND, Ore. - Local relief volunteers and staff are ready for the trip to earthquake ravaged Haiti, and one local aid worker is preparing herself to deal with the emotional scene she’s expecting to see. “The one thing that I have found over the years, you go in with adrenaline,” said aid worker Cassandra Nelson of Mercy Corps. “We are going there with a job and mission w ...
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Tuesday January 12, 2010 - Times viewed: 7877
Sandy couple charged with murdering young child
SANDY, Oregon - Clackamas County deputies arrested a man and woman Sunday night, accusing them of murdering the man's three-year-old daughter. Monday, the girl was identified as Alexis Marie Pounder. The Medical Examiner states that she died of physical and nutritional child abuse. Saturday, deputies were sent to investigate a disturbance at 22050 SE Cottontail Lane in Sandy. When they arrived ...
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Saturday January 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7869
Salem passenger on Hawaiian flight faces federal charges
Federal authorities filed a criminal complaint Friday against a 56-year-old man whose scrawled note invoking "Gilligan's Island" led a Hawaiian Airlines pilot to turn around a Maui-bound flight and return Wednesday to Portland, Oregon.

Joseph Hedlund Johnson, of Salem, Oregon, was charged with the federal crime of interference with the performance and duties of a flight crew membe ...
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Friday January 8, 2010 - Times viewed: 7872
TriMet driver had suspended license while piloting city bus
PORTLAND, Ore. - A TriMet bus ran a red light in southeast Portland and it was all caught on camera, but that wasn't the worst of it. It turned out the bus driver, Nancy Amburgey, was driving with a suspended license that had not been valid since August of 2008. Two weeks later, Amburgey is back on her route for TriMet after going to court, paying her fines and getting her license reinstated. A ...
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Thursday January 7, 2010 - Times viewed: 7885
Record unemployment in Portland Metro last year
The Portland Metro area lost approximately 52,200 jobs in 2008, or about 5 percent of the total jobs in the area, according to newly-released statistics from the Department of Labor.

Federal labor analysts estimated that on Jan. 1, 2008 there were 1.04 million jobs in the metropolitan area, including Beaverton, but that by year's end only 982,400 remained.

Nationally, 99 of the natio ...
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Wednesday January 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7851
Man falls onto Trimet  tracks, departing train passes over him
BEAVERTON, Ore. -- A 21-year-old man suffered minor injuries after he fell onto light-rail tracks and lay flat as a departing train passed over him, TriMet officials said.

Keoki Rosimo and his friends had just gotten off the MAX at the Sunset Transit Center platform at about 1 a.m. Thursday when Rosimo fell, Beaverton police said. TriMet surveillance video showed the group playfully pushin ...
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Tuesday January 5, 2010 - Times viewed: 7980
Clackamas teenage girl attacked, her  hair cut by strange man
17 year old Ariel Chrisman wasn't really prepared for what happened to her the afternoon of December 12th. She says she was dressed in sweats and was only going into the mall to collect a paycheck.  Then she thought she had static electricity in her hair from the escalator ride but she says two guys riding in the opposite direction told her a man was cutting her hair. "I didn't know ...
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Monday January 4, 2010 - Times viewed: 7861
Body found in Portland shed may be missing woman
PORTLAND, Ore. -- An autopsy conducted Monday proved to be inconclusive after human remains were found in a shed in southeast Portland. Officers were called to the 14700 block of Southeast Rhone Street at 11:45 a.m. Saturday to investigate the death. A person living at a home in the area directed police to a shed holding the remains of an unidentified person. The address where the body was found i ...
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Saturday January 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7849
Northwest girl in  Port Angeles  faces challenges
PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- With her big blue eyes and blond hair in perky ponytails, 3-year-old River Larson elicits comments from strangers wherever she goes. "People will say things like, 'Is she a little person? Then add, 'she's cute, though,'" said her mother, Andrea Larson. At 31 inches tall and 31 pounds, with an oversized head and short arms, it's readily apparent that River is a &quo ...
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Tuesday December 29, 2009 - Times viewed: 7894
Police search for  the 'Pizza Bandit'
The man pictured in the photo has robbed two pizza stores on the same night and police are hoping to get information that will help track him down.

This robbery happened Sunday, Dec. 13 around 5:23 p.m. at the Pizza Hut at 1747 S.E. 122nd.

According to police, a man armed with a handgun entered the store, jumped over the counter, made threats and demanded money.

Later that eve ...
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Monday December 28, 2009 - Times viewed: 7877
50 criminal charges against  Tigard man
A 34-year-old Tigard man faces more than 50 criminal charges in what Washington County sheriff’s detectives say was a prolific car and home break-in spree that began in July in neighborhoods around Tigard and Bull Mountain.

Tad Williams, who has been in the Washington County Jail since Dec. 11, was charged Tuesday, Dec. 23, with 51 counts, including first-degree burglary, being a felo ...
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Saturday December 26, 2009 - Times viewed: 7959
Oregon man arrested for murdering mother on Christmas Day
41-year-old Michael Scott Bighaus from Sandy was arrested by Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies for the murder of his mother. She was killed by a large-caliber rifle bullet on Christmas Day.

Bighaus was taken into custody at about 5:50 a.m. when he returned to the house on East Fernwood Circle where, just about 12 hours earlier, he was accused of shooting his mother with a large-cali ...
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Friday December 25, 2009 - Times viewed: 8138
Jar Of Money Left On Family's Doorstep brings Christmas joy
An anonymous donor left a jar of money on a doorstep Tuesday night and made the holidays a bit brighter for one Portland family. Kim Ruff said she was walking out to her car in northeast Portland when she stumbled across the jar, which contained an estimated one year's worth of spare change.

The jar sat in a gift bag that had been wrapped with a ribbon and was accompanied by a note. The no ...
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Thursday December 24, 2009 - Times viewed: 7911
Beaverton family survives Jamaican plane crash
Beaverton, Oregon -- Christmas Eve is a celebration for Andrew and Wendy Palau and their three children. Christopher, Jonathan and Sadie were among 154 people on Flight 331 from Miami when the plane skidded across a Jamaican runway in heavy rain, bouncing across the tarmac and injuring more than 40 people before it stopped just short of the Caribbean Sea. They are five members of the family of we ...
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Tuesday October 20, 2020 - Times viewed: 8001
New Oregon law promises to help control lead, mercury and cadmium poisoning
EUGENE, Ore. (AP) -- Tons of electronics are littering our garbage dumps and recycling centers but tossing electronics into the garbage is a bad idea. Because of a law passed in 2007, beginning Jan. 1, it will be illegal to put some electronics -- specifically, televisions, monitors, computers and laptops -- in the trash.

All  And, thanks to fees Oregon has begun collecting from manuf ...
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Sunday December 20, 2009 - Times viewed: 8043
Cigarette smoke outside bar infuriates customer
After the state of Oregon banned smoking in bars, a man sitting inside Bogey’s Sports Bar became angry because of the smell of cigarette smoke outside the bar door. The odor came from a bar customer just outside the front door.

After the man lodged a complaint to the Multnomah County Health Department, the agency issued a warning to the Division Street watering hole: Keep smoking patr ...
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Saturday December 19, 2009 - Times viewed: 7907
Pedestrian dies after getting hit by SUV in Salem
SALEM, Ore. -- Andrew Mannion, 57, from Salem, died after getting struck by an SUV while he walked across a dark street in Salem Thursday night, police said.

Mannion was attempting to cross Lancaster Dr NE at the intersection with Sunnyview Rd NE. when the vehicle hit him. Police said Mannion was wearing dark-colored clothing and that section of the street was not well-lit, either.

T ...
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Friday December 18, 2009 - Times viewed: 8047
Human trafficking on the rise in Oregon
PORTLAND, Oregon - It's not just happening in another country, or even another state. Oregon has the problem of human trafficking. And according to police, it's on the rise right here in Oregon. In addition to adults, hundreds of local girls are victims of prostitution. Police indicate there are up to five cases a week. "Little girls and boys are being raped daily and there are men out there ...
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Thursday December 17, 2009 - Times viewed: 7966
Federal Human Resources Manager arrested for attempting to have sex with teenage girl
PORTLAND, Ore. - Kyle Donnell Worley, 51, of Vancouver, Wash., a human resources manager for the federal Bureau of Land Management in Portland, made his first court appearance Wednesday, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. He was arrested Tuesday and charged with trying to lure a minor to have sex with him and sending obscene video to her. Police allege Worley tried to solicit sex fro ...
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Wednesday December 16, 2009 - Times viewed: 8006
Couple arrested for passing counterfeit money
An investigation into a counterfeit ring led officers to find phony cash and money-making equipment when they searched a northwest Gresham home, police said Tuesday. For weeks, Walter Williams and Debbie Ilar were using real $5 bills to make fake $100 bills, according to the Gresham Police Department. Officers said they found several laptop computers, a color printer, memory cards and pages wo ...
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Tuesday December 15, 2009 - Times viewed: 7958
Search continues for couple on Mt. Hood with avalanche danger and high winds
MOUNT HOOD, Oregon - The massive search effort to locate a pair of stranded climbers high on Mount Hood stretches into its fourth day today with no sign or clue of the young man and woman. Volunteer searchers are convening about 7 a.m. for their first meeting of the day. They are expected to review the weather forecast for the mountain and decide whether to dispatch search and rescue crews up the ...
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Friday December 11, 2009 - Times viewed: 7908
Three month old kitten survives riding beneath a SUV for   more than 120 miles
A 3-month-old kitten rode beneath a SUV for more than 120 miles Wednesday. Marc Lichty left Olympia, Wash., in his SUV after finishing up a day of work. Along the way to Tualatin, he stopped at a rest stop and heard meowing. Lichty, however, couldn't find any trace of a cat. When he returned home to Tualatin, he stepped out of the car and heard the meowing again, leading him to grab a flashlight. ...
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Thursday December 10, 2009 - Times viewed: 8355
Oregon State Elections Division investigating complaint against West Linn neighborhood
The Secretary of State Elections Division is investigating whether a West Linn neighborhood association president broke any rules by circulating e-mails in support of an ongoing recall campaign.Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association President Lynn Fox is accused of abusing her position by promoting the recall of council president Jody Carson and councilors John Kovash and Scott Burgess. She didn& ...
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Tuesday December 8, 2009 - Times viewed: 7941
Arctic Chill continues in the Pacific Northwest
December 8 2009PORTLAND, Ore. - The city of Portland, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and TriMet said Monday they’re working together to make sure they are prepared for a major winter storm. During a winter storm people will notice fewer roads closed and bus and MAX service will be uninterrupted because of the new coordinated effort, according to Portland Mayor Sam Adams. This ...
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Monday December 7, 2009 - Times viewed: 7955
PetCo Stores, HUMBUG, and the  Christmas spirit


I could be wrong but it seems this year PetCo Stores is saying HUMBUG to the Christmas spirit by declining to donate unused, ripped, dented, or pet food that otherwise cannot be sold to the public. Tamara (Tammy), store manager at the Lake Oswego, Oregon PetCo store told our volunteer she would not or could not participate. Perhaps the owners of PetCo have given her strict orders ...
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Sunday December 6, 2009 - Times viewed: 7956
Arctic cold weather hits the Pacific Northwest
PORTLAND, Oregon - Frosty temperatures covered the Portland metro area this weekend as waves of cold air rolled over the Northwest.

The first in a series of cold-weather systems arrived Friday night. Snow is not expected, but there is a chance of flurries in the northern valleys and a slight chance of measurable snow in the Cascades. Temperatures will stay below freezing in the Willamette V ...
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Thursday December 3, 2009 - Times viewed: 7930
Preschool Teacher charged with Sexually Oriented Text Messages
TANGENT, Ore.All- A preschool teacher has been arrested on two counts of third-degree misdemeanor sex abuse, police say. According to Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller, "They were the kind of thing that you might read in Penthouse Forum," Mueller said. "They were X-rated."

Jenifer Stitzel, 34, is alleged to have sent sexual content via text message to a 14-year-old boy, ...
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Wednesday December 2, 2009 - Times viewed: 7980
Oregon swine flu cases appear to have peaked
U.S. health experts say it appears the number of cases for this wave of the swine flu outbreak has peaked.

"We're going from a time where there was a lot of disease and not a lot of vaccine, to a time when the disease is decreasing," says the Centers for Disease Control's Dr. Thomas R. Frieden.

Still, the CDC says the virus still poses a threat with widespread cases in 32 s ...
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