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Thursday February 3, 2011 - Times viewed: 7879
WILSONVILLE, Oregon - Security camera video at an electronics store in Wilsonville shows a man stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics with stolen cards. Police are asking for help to identify the man wearing grey pants and a grey, hooded sweatshirt. Clackamas County Sheriff's Office investigators say the man may have used stolen credit cards at other businesses around Portland area during in the last couple years worth thousands of dollars. ...
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Wednesday February 2, 2011 - Times viewed: 8683
Update: Search teams have found the two lost sisters hiking in the Columbia Gorge. Leslie and Leesa Azar were found this afternoon in good condition. It is not yet known why the two women did not return to their vehicle as had been planned yesterday. Family members said the woman had called them by cell phone around 6 p.m. and said they were fine were heading back down the trail to their vehicle but had to use headlamps to see in the dark. Dr. Leesa Azar practices internal medicine in Lake Oswego and Oregon. Dr. Azar graduated with an MD 18 years ago. See photo of Leesa Azar being rescued and more on the story from The Oregonian.
Previous story: TROUTDALE -- About 50 searchers are desperately attempting to locate two sisters lost in the winter wilderness in the Columbia Gorge. Leesa Azar, 53, and Leslie Azar, 50, a medical doctor, and both ...
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Wednesday February 2, 2011 - Times viewed: 7966
On January 31, Gresham police shot and killed 20-year veteran Anthony Leo McDowell after responding to a morning call from the man’s wife who said her husband was suicidal and armed with a gun. Before officers arrived at the 24000 block of Southeast Oak Street in Gresham, a relative had disarmed McDowell but he found another gun to confront police, this time with a rifle and scope. McDowell died of a gunshot wound to the chest. Police were not injured and the names of McDowell's family were not released. Anthony Leo McDowell was a sergeant with the Army Reserve with more than 20 years of military service, including duty in the Persian Gulf and Iraq, and recently served with the 671st Engineer Company training soldiers in demolition techniques. ...
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Wednesday February 2, 2011 - Times viewed: 8517
PORTLAND, Oregon - For 30 years Kathi Goertzen was a news anchor at ABC's KOMO-TV station in Seattle. She's scheduled for another round of surgery in an effort to abate the old tumor and perhaps help improve on her distorted features. Yesterday she released a letter discussing her ordeal with a brain tumor. "Hello my friends," Goertzen writes. "It's not easy sharing this picture. After 30 years of being a news anchor for KOMO-TV, I'm dealing with a challenge, as you can see. But I don't give up easily... "You may know I've battled an aggressive brain tumor for about 11 years. They call it benign, but I think that's a bit of an exaggeration, because it keeps growing back and multiplying! "On Wednesday I'll be back in the operating room for surgery to remove parts of the tumor that are growing again. Luckily, I have excellent medical care and have great support with family, friends, and viewers. "The latest victim of the tumor has been my facial nerve. It has been squished, operated around, radiated and generally abused for some time. It's decided to take a little break. Thus, the crooked, sagging face, and inability to break into the wide smile I so much enjoy. "Thi ...
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Wednesday February 2, 2011 - Times viewed: 7901
MILTON-FREEWATER, Oregon - 4-month-old Eva Wilson and 16-month-old Olivia Wilson died in a fire in Milton-Freewater in Eastern Oregon. The mobile home fire broke out in a back bedroom Tuesday morning. A former resident, Judy Divens, driving past the neighborhood, saw black smoke and joined an unidentified man to help rescue but were unable to get access before the flames kept them from getting inside the home. The father of the girls, Hermillo Castillas, was at work and a sick teen in the home escaped. A fire marshal said combustibles far too close to a space heater likely caused the fire ...
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Tuesday February 1, 2011 - Times viewed: 7959
19-year-old Jake Montano has been named as a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run last week. Police recovered a black 1990 Honda Accord they believe was involved in the fatal incident. Police describe Montano as 6 feet, 170 pounds, with short dark hair and brown eyes, and with a large tattoo on the right side of his neck that says "Aaliyah." Michelle Singer, a sister of Morales Singer, had just received the news from a Marion County victim's advocate at the courthouse when contacted by the Statesman Journal. Morales Singer was struck around 11:30 p.m. last Wednesday. Police arrived to find him lying in the road near Edwin Court NE. Medics were unable to save him, and he was pronounced dead at the scene ...
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Tuesday February 1, 2011 - Times viewed: 7928
ROSEBURG, Oregon - 50-year-old Mark Allen Vanderhoof of Roseburg was arraigned yesterday on a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. Vanderhoof is charged with striking and killing 2-year-old Dennis Young on Jan. 25. He previously told police the boy fell from his porch, but authorities became suspicious of those injuries. Vanderhoof had been at her boyfriend home for the last half year in Lookingglass. Vanderhoof served a nine year prison term for raping a 4-year-old girl. Briana Snow, the boy's mother said she never knew Vanderhoof had been in prison. ...
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Tuesday February 1, 2011 - Times viewed: 8334
SALEM, Oregon - Salem police are investigating the robbery of Chase Bank branch on Center Street in Salem, Oregon yesterday. The robbery suspect shot at a man who was who attempted to capture the suspect after he pulled a gun and held up the bank. Bank clerk Court Boice yelled at the robber, who fled into an alley near a theater. He "went around the block, I thought I lost him," said Boice. "Son of a gun, he took a shot at me, cuss words you might expect, what have you." Boice was not struck by gunfire. The suspect is described as in his 30s, white, 5 ft 10 in with short hair. He was driving a car which resembled a dark Ford Explorer. ...
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Monday January 31, 2011 - Times viewed: 7985
OREGON CITY, Oregon - A 13-year-old boy thought the shotgun was unloaded. Police say he was attempting to scare is friend when he accidentally shot him in the head. When officers arrived early evening at Clairmont Way yesterday, they discovered a 12-year-old victim with the gunshot wound to the head. Paramedics rushed the boy to OHSU via a LifeFlight helicopter. This last weekend, police say the 13-year-old boy had been duck hunting with his father with the 12-gauge shotgun. The gun had never been unloaded. Unfortunately, the guns had not been unloaded and were not secured. It was the next day when his parents away that the boy and his friend were played with the guns and the accident occurred. Police confiscated two shotguns and interviewed the boy who pulled the trigger then released him to his parents. ...
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Saturday January 29, 2011 - Times viewed: 8108
PORTLAND, Oregon – No illnesses have been reported but mislabeled Keebler cookies have been recalled. Cartons labeled "Fudge Shoppe Jumbo Fudge Sticks" and sold at convenience stores were the focus of the recall. They contain jumbo "Peanut Butter" sticks instead. Consumers could have a serious reaction if allergic to peanut. Symptoms include anaphylactic shock, hives, and digestive problems. About 2 percent of the U.S. are allergic to peanuts. ...
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Sunday January 30, 2011 - Times viewed: 8265
Three year old A.J Hayes was eating from his Frosted Wheats bowl yesterday at the kitchen table when his dad, Aaron Hayes cut himself with a woodworking chisel. he was involved with homework from his first woodcarving class. A.J watched as the chisel severed his father's artery, the blade cutting through the wood, the artery and into his father's wrist. His dad told his son to call 911 as they had rehearsed a few times before. Police found the father over the sink trying to stop the bleeding from the cut on his arm. Police began basic first aid treatment and a crew from the Keizer Fire District arrived just behind him. A.J.'s father was transported to a Salem Hospital where he was treated and released. ...
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Saturday January 29, 2011 - Times viewed: 8197
A Pro-Egyption rally is meeting in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square early this afternoon. A rally website states the time to meet is 2 p.m. and to continue through 5 p.m. The world's attention fell on central Cairo where the Army was deployed to replace police forces that clashed brutally with demonstrators. But with many Cairo neighborhoods left without any security, Egyptians began to feel the sting of politics cutting into personal safety. Shops and businesses were looted and abandoned police stations stripped clean of their arsenals. In one area, residents set up barricades and handed out sticks and kitchen knives as defense measures. Another group of men armed themselves and planned to sit outside all night to guard their houses. ...
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Friday January 28, 2011 - Times viewed: 7917
A 76-year old woman who was hit by a MAX train last night died at the hospital early this morning. Apparently at around 9:30 pm, her cane was caught by the train as it was arriving into the station at the Northwest 6th and Dave station, pulling her down to the tracks. It took rescuers nearly an hour to rescue her. She was taken to the hospital where she appeared to have only suffered minor injuries. Her only complaint at the time was that she couldn't feel her legs. Her injuries were not believed to have been serious. She had been alert and talking with paramedics. It's not clear at this point what caused her death. ...
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Thursday January 27, 2011 - Times viewed: 8386
Police were searching a waterfront neighborhood along the Oregon Coast today for the owner of a truck suspected of shooting a police officer who pulled him over for speeding Sunday night. David Anthony Durham, 43, of Portland was under investigation in connection with the Sunday night shooting of Lincoln City police Officer Steven Dodds, who remained in critical condition, Newport police Chief Mark Miranda said. Dodds was shot multiple times shortly after he stopped the truck in Lincoln City, about 40 miles north of Waldport. Dodds did not return fire but was able to call in his own officer down report, Lincoln City police Lt. Jerry Palmer said. The scene was captured on a patrol car video camera, but few details were being released. Dodds, 45, a six-year veteran of Lincoln City police who was named officer of the year in 2010, underwent surgery at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland. Police previously identified Durham as the registered owner of the 1984 Dodge truck stopped by Dodds, and said they wanted to locate him to make sure he was safe and find out if he had any information about the shooting. Miranda later said the investigation was focused on Durham. "W ...
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Thursday January 27, 2011 - Times viewed: 7924
PORTLAND, Ore. – The search for the Portland man accused of shooting a police officer before fleeing into the woods moved past its fifth day Thursday, while the victim's daughter says her dad is steadily improving. Lincoln City Officer Steven Dodds has been hospitalized at Portland's Legacy Emanuel Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds since Sunday's shooting. Megan Dodds said Thursday her father has turned his head toward her and squeezed her hand. "He's a strong guy and so stubborn. I know he's not going to let himself down on this one," she said. Authorities are still looking for David Anthony Durham, who they believe shot Dodds on Sunday night before leading police on a speed chase on the Oregon Coast. Durham fled into on foot and is still at large. Durham is described by his brother, Michael, as an avid outdoorsman who designed his own camouflage clothing. Police say he may be holed up in a vacation home in a secluded neighborhood less than a block from the Pacific Ocean. Officials have searched more than 250 homes for Durham, a 43-year-old former landscaper who family members say had become delusional after taking pain medication for an injured shoulder. ...
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Wednesday January 26, 2011 - Times viewed: 7987
SALEM, Oregon - 37-year old Morales Singer, father of three children was killed when a car ran him over in northeast Salem last night. Singer was struck sometimes around 11:30 p.m. on 47th Avenue in Salem. Deputies found him lying in the road near Edwin Court NE. Medics arrived and pronounced him dead from the injuries suffered in hit and run. The night was foggy, hard to see at the time of the accident. Singer was apparently returning home from a nearby Saloon on Silverton Road. The driver of the car that hit Singer never stopped. Several pieces of debris at the scene indicates damage to the car's right front, side, and hood, and is probably missing a right side mirror. Anyone with information about this hit and run should call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503-540-8079. ...
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Wednesday January 26, 2011 - Times viewed: 9405
33-year-old Georgia Gunzer from Tacoma pleaded with authorities to help her, for a protection order against Alphonso Bell, the father of her daughter. Pierce County Commissioner Mark Gelman denied her request for help, stating it did not meet the statute. Georgia Gunzer was stabbed to death Saturday morning in her apartment. Her daughter was at the home, along with friends for a sleep over. Cydney Marckmann, Georgia Gunzer’s friend said, "I feel very strongly that our system failed her. She was trying to do everything the right way and was shut down." Writing the court, Gunzer said she was afraid of Bell who was a recently released felon who had hit her in the past. She told the court Bell hit her in 2004 and had violated protection orders in the past. "I am worried because he gets out of work release in three weeks," Gunzer told the court. "He has already been calling me over and over and I am trying to get a parenting plan in order right now, and do not trust him." If Commissioner Mark Gelman had granted her order Alphonso Bell would have been required to stay away from Gunzer and their child, and cease contact with her. Alphonso Bell called 911 from Tacoma Ge ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011 - Times viewed: 8252
Moonlighting used to indicate your boss had no clue what you were doing after work. But for others these days, it’s just a way of achieving The American Dream. Moonlighting trends are linked to a growing separation among the rich and poor, as well as a general sense that family are working more for less. The American Dream, a mostly elusive and certainly overused phrase, can mean a land in which life could and should be better, richer, fuller. It’s a dream opportunity for everyone based purely and simply on their meritorious ability. The American Dream isn't always a dream of cars and expensive homes, not always about high wages. To many it’s a degree of self satisfaction, contentment if you will, the peace one has when reaching for a goal to which they are inherently able to accomplish. And to some degree, it’s a kind of acknowledged by their peers for what and who they are, regardless of where they were born or the pigment of their skin. And it’s a down-payment on a personal legacy, not just for glory but for whom they are in the eyes of those who love them. The American Dream, inevitably, is contentment. The Department of Labor defines moonlighting as working more th ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011 - Times viewed: 7926
WALDPORT, Oregon - Police combed the forested peninsula around Alsea Bay for a man suspected of shooting and critically injuring an officer, leading a gunfire-filled chase and then disappearing into the woods. Searchers are focused on a peninsula that juts into Alsea Bay and stretches about a mile at its widest point. They're looking for a man believed to be Anthony Durham, 43, of Portland, who is the registered owner of a 1984 Dodge truck stopped for speeding Sunday night by Lincoln City police Officer Steven Dodds. State police said Durham is considered armed and dangerous and may be accompanied by his 40-pound, black and white dog named Huckleberry. "He's out there hiding somewhere," Waldport city manager Nancy Leonard said of the suspect. "There's a lot of forested area, it's very easy to lose yourself." Police have so far refused to release any additional details about the search, but residents on the peninsula said Tuesday they spent a restless night waiting to hear news of the man's capture. "He's going to get more desperate," said Sean Nutting, who lives in the area. "He already tried to kill a cop, there (isn't) much he's scared of at this point." State c ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011 - Times viewed: 7957
MEDFORD — An Oregon man has been charged with encouraging child sexual abuse and online sexual corruption. A Jackson County grand jury indictment heard arguments that 21-year-old Zachariah Pergish Griffin encouraged children in sexual activities online. The Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force was told in Jube by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a man had been sending sexually explicit messages to girls from MySpace and Facebook. An 11-year-old girl in Lake County, a 10-year-old in Medford and a 6-year-old in Grants Pass received messages that originated from online accounts linked to Griffin on his home computer. ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011 - Times viewed: 8685
PORTLAND, Oregon - Hazelynn Stomps has been pronounced guilty of killing her 60-year old husband Gerald Stomps then burning his corpse. She was sentenced to life in the Multnomah County Courthouse on Tuesday. Gerald Stomps was last seen February 6, 2009. Detectives found evidence at the Stomps' home that implicated Hazelynn Stomps in her husband's death. She was ordered to pay $14,000 in restitution. She'll be eligible for parole in 25 years. Hazelynn Stomps said her husband went missing after a man attacked them at Oxbow Park in Gresham and pushed her off the Gordon Creek Bridge. Stomps first told police it took her two hours to climb twenty back up the foot bridge. She was then transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Gerald Stomps was placed into a national police database as a missing person. ...
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Monday January 24, 2011 - Times viewed: 7944
Next month, Beaverton will begin a program to ticket drivers who do not come to a complete stop when they turn right on red. It'll cost them $382. Other cities in Oregon are getting the technology or already have it. All police will need is a photo of the car in the intersection when the light is red. The problem for police previously has been that a picture of a car turning right on red may be a legal turn if the driver comes to a complete stop. A photo cannot show if a car has stopped. To combat the problem, Oregon has gone to video technology inside the lights that can show whether a car stopped. ...
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Monday January 24, 2011 - Times viewed: 7998
WOODBURN, Oregon - Woodburn police have found a woman who has been missing for eight days. Neighbors and relatives were concern because 37-year-old Manuela De La Rosa is partially paralyzed on her right side and has difficulty talking. A police officer spotted the woman walking along Hwy 99E north of Young Street Friday afternoon. She was she was reported missing from her residence on Luba Street January 15. Police say she's in decent health and was escorted home by her mother. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8275
Nine-year-old Devin Hunt and his 12-year-old brother Dawson Hunt died in a car crash rural intersection east of Mount Angel. The Marion County Sheriff's Office said the accident occurred shortly after 11 a.m The 1993 Saturn carrying the boys was driven by their father, 35-year-old father, Lenny Hunt, who was also injured. The boys were pronounced dead at the scene. The father was taken to Silverton Hospital. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8431
OAKRIDGE, Oregon - Two University of Oregon students were killed and one injured during a car crash near Willamette Pass yesterday. Their car apparently lost control and hit a tree. A third man in the car has non-life threatening injuries. 21 year old Nicholas John Ries from Portland was driving the early model BMW around 7 pm Saturday. They were traveling east on foggy Highway 58. Oregon State Police reports say the car traveled off the eastbound shoulder where the passenger side collided into a large tree. An off-duty fire captain found Ries injured outside of the car. The two male passengers were inside the car, one in the right front seat and the other in the rear seat. Oakridge Fire Department responded 10 minutes later at about the time the car caught fire. Both victims were still inside. The fire caused extensive damage before it was extinguished. Ries was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend with serious, non-life threatening, injuries. Dead are 21 year old Collin Phillip La More from Tigard, who was found in the front passenger seat and 21 year old Ellis Michael Heyer from Amherst, Mass was in the rear passenger seat. Oregon S ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8045
LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon - Around 6:30 Friday evening, January 21, a woman called 911 to report a fire with flames shooting from the front of her Lake Oswego house. Firefighters extinguished the fire but the woman's cat died and another cat is missing. The homeowner's hands, face, and arms were burned in the fire that damaged her home. She was taken to a local hospital. A small dog named Elvis, owned by a nanny, hid under a chair in the basement to escape the fire and commotion. The fire is estimated to have caused a half million dollars in damage to the huge house. The fire was brought under control at about 8 p.m. The cause of the fire at 2965 Tolkien Lane is under investigation. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8209
VANCOUVER, Washington - Earlier today (Saturday) a single car traveling northbound on I5 crashed into the highway median. The accident left the driver teetering and traffic was backed up for miles. The exact cause of the accident was not readily known or available. ...
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Saturday January 22, 2011 - Times viewed: 8007
BATTLE GROUND, Wash. -- Clark County Sheriffs say Pleasant Valley Mid and Primary Schools were broken into Friday morning around 2 and about 3 in the morning in Camas, thieves broke into Skyridge Middle School on Northwest Parker Street. The thieves in the main office attempted to open a safe but went to the media center where they sorted a pile of flat-screen computers and monitors they intended to take. But they tripped a silent alarm and police attempted to capture them as they were came outside the boys took off leaving everything behind. Overhead projectors and some cash are missing in Camas after thieves broke into Pleasant Valley middle and primary schools. ...
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Saturday January 22, 2011 - Times viewed: 8127
Alex Good from Hillsboro is suing the Liberty High Golf Club for alleged negligence. It all began in April of 2010 at the Liberty High Golf Club as Alex was practicing on the golf range with his teammates when his own golf ball ricocheted off a metal post, hitting his eye. He's now claiming damages of $3 million. Attorney Terrance Lee Hogan represented Alex in court and said the Liberty High Golf Club was liable for damages because they should have known what might happen when a canopy was placed in front of the driving range. Usually there's no canopy on the range, but because it was raining, a shelter was needed to help keep the area dry. ...
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Friday January 21, 2011 - Times viewed: 9315
MAPLE VALLEY, Washington - Tom Rider reported to police that his lovely 33-year-old wife, Tanya Rider had not returned home from the graveyard shift job she had recently started at a Fred Meyer supermarket in near Bellevue, Washington. He would later discover that on driving home from her job, she had run off the road, through a ditch, down a ravine, trapping her inside her car for eight long days. Her experience of 2007 has now been written into a book by Tanya Rider herself, titled, "Missing, Without A Trace, 8 days of Horror." Her car ran off the road on her way home from work in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Washington last September 19. Pinned inside, she couldn't get out or get anyone to help her for eight days. After Tom Rider discovered his wife was missing, he begged the King County Sheriff's Office to search for her but was told that his wife didn't meet the basic qualifications to be considered a missing person. It wasn't until after Tom had given the police access to Tanya's phone records and took a polygraph test that police finally began to search for his wife. Investigators used a technology called "pinging" to trace her cell phone location within ei ...
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