August 2 2021
6:31 PM
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  Friends and acquaintances said they had no idea Cathy Boone had money available to her.   In October, Oregon Department of State Lands paid $884,000 to the personal representative of the estate of Cathy Boone  

Story by Kyle Iboshi (KGW) - Story Source
Published on Friday June 4, 2021 - 1:25 AM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Cathy Boone died homelessly. She'd been living on the streets of Astoria despite inheriting a small fortune. The state of Oregon held more than $800,000 of her unclaimed money when the 49-year-old passed away in January 2020.

"It just didn't make any sense to me. That money was just sitting there, and she needed help in the worst way," said Jack Spithill, Boone's father.

Boone struggled with mental health issues and drug abuse, according to her father.

"She had a rough life but when she was good, she was really good," explained Spithill.

Boone was a regular at the Astoria Warming Shelter. Unlike most visitors who slept in their clothes, Boone would take the extra effort to put on her pyjamas at night, explained friends.

"She was a special person as far as I'm concerned," said Donny Holder, who often shared cigarettes and coffee with Boone at McDonald's.

"She was a sweetheart," said Holder, who carries photographs of Boone, wrapped in a tattered Ziplock bag in his coat pocket. "I fell in love with her."

Friends and acquaintances said they had no idea Boone had money available to her. She struggled to survive, like many others living unsheltered in a harsh outside environment.

"We all have our moments but for the most part she had more smiles than cries," said Glen Lonquist, a friend of Boone's.

Catherine Boone, known to friends as Cathy, grew up in the Portland area.

Her parents separated when she was young. Her father, who remarried and lives in Texas, tried to stay connected to his daughter.

Boone struggled in her adult life.

"I attribute it almost all to drugs, but I think she also had some mental health issues and the combination of the two didn't work out for her very well," explained Spithill...