February 25 2021
11:06 PM
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  Story 289 -   Tuesday October 27, 2020
China is testing millions of people in Xinjiang for Covid-19 after one asymptomatic case found (CNN) China has rolled out mass coronavirus testing for nearly 5 million people and imposed lockdown measures in the prefecture of Kashgar in the far western region of Xinjiang, after a single asymptomatic coronavirus case was reported on Saturday.

The testing drive has so far identified 137 additional cases -- and all are asymptomatic, according to Xinjiang's regional health commission. This is the highest daily number of asymptomatic C ...

  Story 288 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
Young woman dies after being found alive at funeral home by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald

DETROIT -- 20-year-old Timesha Beauchamp died after coming back to life, and being declared dead by paramedics. She was found alive at a funeral home in August, a lawyer representing her family said.

Young Timesha Beauchamp died Sunday at Children?s Hospital in Detroit. Her family, who live in Southfield, called 911 on Aug. 23 because she appeared to be suffering from serious breathing proble ...

  Story 287 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
Facebook, Twitter CEOs face Senate subpoenas over N.Y. Post story The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to authorize subpoenas for Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to compel testimony over their companies? suppression of a New York Post article about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden?s son.

Republicans are ratcheting up pressure on Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and other social media companies over their perceived conservative bias ahead of the presidential election Nov. 3.

The ...

  Story 286 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
They’re Afraid. They’re Buying Guns. But They’re Not Voting for Trump AUSTIN, Texas?Noah Horner always wanted a gun, but the 24-year-old tech company engineer had never been motivated enough to follow through. At least until this year, when coronavirus shut down the country, the economy tanked, unemployment spiked, more than 220,000 died, and a series of killings by police inspired thousands of protests, some of which turned violent.

Six weeks ago, because of what he understatedly calls ?the current enviro ...

  Story 285 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
U.S. State Department halts all diversity training after Trump’s directive WASHINGTON ? The U.S. State Department has suspended all training programs for employees related to diversity and inclusion, an internal cable obtained by Reuters showed, after President Donald Trump directed federal agencies last month to end programs deemed divisive by the White House.

?Beginning Friday, October 23, 2020, the Department is temporarily pausing all training programs related to diversity and inclusion in accordance with ...

  Story 284 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
Global warming may lead to practically irreversible Antarctic melting By Carolyn Gramling

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 AT 4:32 PM

How is melting a continent-sized ice sheet like stirring milk into coffee? Both are, for all practical purposes, irreversible.

In a new study published in the Sept. 24 Nature, researchers outline a series of temperature-related tipping points for the Antarctic ice sheet. Once each tipping point is reached, changes to the ice sheet and subsequent melting can?t be truly re ...

  Story 283 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
Colorado's record-breaking wildfires show From Wednesday night into Thursday morning the East Troublesome fire in Grand County, Colorado exploded from 19,000 to 125,000 acres in just 12 hours, driven by wind gusts of up to 60 mph. It is now the fourth biggest fire in state history.

Just north of there, the Cameron Peak fire, a few miles west of Fort Collins, has engulfed over 207,000 acres and it's still growing. It has now become the biggest wildlife in Colorado history. < ...

  Story 282 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
Coronavirus cases growing in nearly all of Spain At the end of June, Spain had a 14-day cumulative number of coronavirus cases that was under 10 per 100,000 inhabitants. The lockdown had worked, the virus was not circulating widely and there was talk of some outbreaks at parties, family gatherings, senior residences and food-processing plants. A month later the active outbreaks numbered 120 and infections had multiplied by five. The threshold of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants was surpass ...

  Story 281 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
China loves peace, but not to be trifled with: China Daily( Chinese editorial) The Chinese nation, as much as it loves peace, will never cower before threats or tolerate external interference in its internal affairs.

This is the message President Xi Jinping gave in a speech to mark the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to take part in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-53).

But instead of issuing an outright challenge to ...

  Story 280 -   Sunday October 25, 2020
Russians warned second wave may last months with winter threat Russia risks facing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic that could be 10 times worse than the first in some regions, and the high rates of infection may persist for several months, Russian experts said.

However, they note that the spread of COVID-19 cases?with its highest concentrations in Moscow?is uneven across the country.

"The situation in the regions is very different," said Alexander Lukashev, who heads the Martsinov ...

  Story 279 -   Saturday October 24, 2020
He fought for voting rights in Georgia – then found himself in trouble with the law Tariq Baiyina has lobbied politicians, shaken hands with governors, set up a college program, and delivered dozens of sermons. Despite all this, the 42-year-old has never voted. And the reason is simple: since 2002, when he was convicted of a felony, he hasn?t been allowed.

Felony disenfranchisement is commonplace in the US, where 5.2 million people can?t vote, according to a new estimate from the Sentencing Project. While dozens of coun ...

  Story 278 -   Saturday October 24, 2020
Germany’s biggest newspaper under fire for publishing fake Russian email story Bild newspaper ran a story detailing allegations of cooperation between Russian trolls and the Social Democrat?s youth leader. But a satire magazine revealed on Wednesday that it tricked the tabloid with fake information.

The tabloid last week published details of an alleged "explosive" email exchange between Kevin Kühnert - head of the SPD?s youth wing (Jusos) and a vocal opponent of a new grand coalition government - ...

  Story 277 -   Thursday October 22, 2020
 Millions of voter records for sale on 'dark web' Hackers are selling detailed information about tens of millions of American voters and consumers on the "dark web," underscoring vulnerabilities ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election, according to a new cybersecurity analysis.

Trustwave, a Chicago-based cybersecurity company that monitors the dark web for threats, said in the report it discovered "massive databases with detailed information about U.S. voters and consumers offered fo ...

  Story 276 -   Thursday October 22, 2020
Woman Finds Man Murdered in Kansas City Alley KANSAS CITY, MO. - A woman leaving work in Kansas City found the body of a man who had been shot to death in an alley near The Paseo, police there said.

The man?s body was in a dark, secluded alleyway near Woodland Avenue and The Paseo when spotted by the woman around 7 a.m. Wednesday, the Kansas City Star reported. Police had not released the victim?s identity by Thursday morning.

Police are investigating whether the death was ...

  Story 275 -   Thursday October 22, 2020
Trump and Biden likely won't answer these questions before Nov. 3. Let's ask anyway Thursday's presidential debate is the final chance for us to get answers to some of the most difficult and pressing national security questions facing the candidates. As for the vice presidential candidates, their one and only debate has come and gone and along with it the opportunity to get the answers we need. And with only a couple of weeks left until Election Day, it's unlikely we'll see the toughest security questions posed to the candidates ...

  Story 274 -   Wednesday October 21, 2020
111 dead, 22 missing in central Vietnam, another storm on the way HANOI, Vietnam - More than 100 people have died and 20 others are missing in central Vietnam after weeks of constant rain, severe flooding and landslides. And Vietnam is getting ready for another storm this weekend. The deaths were caused by the relentless downpouring of rain throughout Vietnam. 111 people have died and 22 others are missing in Vietnam's central and central highlands regions since early October.

  Story 273 -   Tuesday October 20, 2020
EDITORIAL: Effective policy actions needed to tackle growing plastic waste Environmental groups in Japan recently urged the Japanese government to focus more on creating a society that produces and consumes much less plastic in its policy efforts to tackle the dire problem of plastic waste.

Twenty organizations devoted to environment protection including the World Wildlife Fund Japan, Greenpeace Japan and the Nature Conservation Society of Japan on Oct. 13 handed their joint policy proposal to Environment Minis ...

  Story 272 -   Tuesday October 20, 2020
Japan agrees to protect warships, military assets of Australian forces Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and his Australian counterpart, Linda Reynolds, agreed to create a framework for Japan to protect Australian Defense Force assets, including warships, on Oct. 19.

The move to further strengthen the countries' bilateral defense collaboration was made during a meeting of the ministers at the Defense Ministry's building in Tokyo.

?We should strengthen the interoperability between the SDF and Australian ...

  Story 271 -   Tuesday October 20, 2020
Suga takes barb at China in vow for 'free and open Indo-Pacific' HANOI--Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc reached agreement on a wide range of issues that included a pledge by Japan to cooperate with ASEAN nations to establish a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

The talks were Suga's first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader since he took office in September.

Afterward, Suga described the meeting to reporters as one that represents ?a very i ...

  Story 270 -   Sunday October 18, 2020
'People think you are stupid if you have a different accent’

It is the workforce that needs to change, she said, as she cited the diversity of the British workforce. When an employer decides to hire it is their job to make sure they dont look down upon or intimidate a candidate.
Rabbis clients have physiological and behavioural conditions.

Many believe there is something wrong with their speech, from mumbling to stuttering. Some have asked her to address their accent. But she said attemp ...

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