November 28 2020
6:31 AM
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  Story 226 -   Friday September 18, 2020
Trump ally Lindsey Graham thinks the President should release tax returns Washington - President Donald Trump has long resisted releasing his tax returns in a break with historic precedent, but even one of his closest allies in the Senate thinks he should.

Asked if Trump should release his tax returns, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CNN on Thursday, "Yeah, I think everybody should. I've said that for a long time."

Graham has sought to make financial disclosure an issue in his reelection by ...

  Story 225 -   Friday September 18, 2020
Pacific Island province is so frustrated with China's presence that it's pushing for independence It was pitched as a rare repatriation flight to bring people stranded in China back to their Pacific Island home which has yet to report a single coronavirus case.

But of the 104 people on board the chartered Solomon Airlines flight from the southern Chinese city Guangzhou on September 3, only 21 were from the Solomon Islands.

The rest were Chinese nationals, according to a report by Radio New Zealand which cited the passenger l ...

  Story 224 -   Wednesday September 16, 2020
Trump fumbles during tough encounter with undecided voters (CNN)President Donald Trump faced life outside his own political bubble on Tuesday, where his self-congratulation, buck passing and audacious falsehoods conspicuously failed to meet the moment when he was confronted by undecided voters.

Trump appeared at an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia, and peppered a socially distanced audience with the rhetoric and talking points that delight his loyal base. But if his goal was to satisfy relativ ...

  Story 223 -   Tuesday September 15, 2020
On the brink of starvation: How aid cuts by the US and its allies are pushing millions of people towards famine Abs, Yemen ? The doctors and nurses at the malnutrition ward in Abs Hospital are used to scrambling -- there is rarely enough time in the day to see the number of emaciated children that come in. But things have never been quite this bad.

In the past few months, the power has dropped out daily and high fuel prices mean they can't always keep their generators going. When that happens, their monitors and ventilators switch off. Children wh ...

  Story 222 -   Monday September 14, 2020
Woodward Addresses Criticism That He Should've Detailed Trump Interviews Earlier Famed journalist Bob Woodward is addressing criticism he's received for not promptly sharing with the public what the president told him about the coronavirus and the government's response in a series of interviews earlier this year.

Woodward's new book, Rage, which details the interviews, is set for release Tuesday.

During one phone interview on Feb. 7, President Trump shared with Woodward that the virus is airborne and is "mor ...

  Story 221 -   Saturday September 12, 2020
40,000 evacuated, People missing in oregon wildfires Dozens are missing and more than 40,000 people have been evacuated. A Forest Service truck blocks a road with burned trees blocking part of it on the Holiday Farm fire in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon on September 10. AFP/Tyee Burwell
Oregon Governor Kate Brown on Friday said dozens of people were missing and tens of thousands displaced because of wildfires that threatened to merge near the most populous area of the state, including the suburbs of ...

  Story 220 -   Saturday September 12, 2020
Indiana GOP Pushing Mail Voting Despite Trump's Derision INDIANAPOLIS (AP) ? THE Indiana Republican Party is directly appealing to voters across the state to submit mail-in ballots even as President Donald Trump has questioned the integrity of mail voting and state GOP leaders have rejected calls for easing the rules on it.

Applications for absentee mail-in ballots have been mailed to an undisclosed number of voters throughout the state by the state Republican and Democratic parties. Democrati ...

  Story 219 -   Thursday September 10, 2020
Trump's historic dereliction of duty laid bare (CNN)It matters who the president is. Millions of lives and livelihoods depend on the character, competence, altruism and integrity of the person in the Oval Office -- whatever their party or ideology. But President Donald Trump -- as he devastatingly revealed in his own voice to Bob Woodward -- met the great crisis of his age with ineptness, dishonesty and an epic dereliction of duty. Rarely have a president's actions -- or inaction -- and indiv ...

  Story 218 -   Wednesday September 9, 2020
Trump candidly tells Bob Woodward he knew long ago COVID-19 was deadly Donald Trump admits the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic months ago as he told Bob Woodward in an interview. He acknowledged downplaying the threat in a March interview, according to an account of Woodward's new book.

I wanted to always play it down. I don't want to create a panic," Trump said in a March 19 call with Woodward, according to an audio clip posted on The Washington Post's website. The newspaper obtained a copy of his book " ...

  Story 217 -   Wednesday September 9, 2020
Hundreds of thousands of acres are burning in Oregon, California and Washington SALEM, Oregon - About 40 large fires are ravaging the three contiguous West Coast states, and Oregon?s governor says some situations have been dire enough to make even firefighters retreat.

Hundreds of thousands of acres are burning and thousands of people have been evacuated in parts of California, Oregon and Washington after extreme heat and high winds combined to let fires tear through territories uncontrolled.

In Oregon, tho ...

  Story 216 -   Tuesday September 8, 2020
Three Belarus women disappear who stood up to Europe's longest-serving dictator. BELARUS - Five weeks have passed since the country of Belarus learned the results of its presidential election, in which the country's Central Election Commission announced that President Alexander Lukashenko, often described as Europe's last dictator, had won with 80.23% of the vote.

(Belarus is just east of Poland and next to Russia.)

In the weeks that have followed, the country has seen mass protests from citizens who believe ...

  Story 215 -   Saturday September 5, 2020
Biden puts two feet in the ring as Trump wobbles Joe Biden's do-no-harm campaign is taking a sharper edge as his race with President Donald Trump enters the home stretch and the incumbent, now a week removed from the Republican convention's sugar high, is again lashing out in response to a new series of self-made controversies.

On the eve of Labor Day weekend, Biden, in his second press conference of the week, reacted furiously to a report that Trump, in private conversations, describe ...

  Story 214 -   Saturday September 5, 2020
Record-breaking gravitational waves reveal that midsize black holes do exist The biggest. The farthest. The most energetic. A new detection of gravitational waves from two colliding black holes has racked up multiple superlatives.

What?s more, it also marks the first definitive sighting of an intermediate mass black hole, one with a mass between 100 and 100,000 times the sun?s mass. That midsize black hole was forged when the two progenitor black holes coalesced to form a larger one with about 142 solar masses. I ...

  Story 213 -   Saturday September 5, 2020
Protecting half the planet could help solve climate change and save species Earth faces two interrelated crises: accelerating loss of biodiversity and climate change. Both are worsened by human development of natural lands that would otherwise allow species to flourish and would store atmosphere-warming carbon, stabilizing the climate.

A new study argues that nations can help avert the biodiversity and climate crises by preserving the roughly 50 percent of land that remains relatively undeveloped. The researcher ...

  Story 212 -   Saturday September 5, 2020
Search for Intelligent Life In The Universe Intensifies In a new study to be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a research team led by University of Manchester astronomers extended a sample of 1,327 stellar systems recently observed by the Breakthrough Listen Initiative by including additional 288,315 stars that also reside within the target fields of the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia and CSIRO?s Parkes radio telescope in Australia ? increasing t ...

  Story 211 -   Thursday September 3, 2020
Donald Trump accidentally revealed something very important in a tweet On any given day, President Donald Trump will tweet or retweet dozens -- and sometimes hundreds -- of things. Most of this stuff is either celebratory of something he did (or didn't do) or just the sort of standard-issue propaganda that your average conservative internet troll might produce.

But every once in a while, Trump unwittingly reveals something important about himself in a tweet. And that happened on Wednesday, with this tweet f ...

  Story 210 -   Wednesday September 2, 2020
Trump provides no proof of plane full of 'thugs' CHICAGO (AP) ? President Donald Trump is recycling a baseless conspiracy theory to claim that recent protests have been orchestrated by powerful people in "dark shadows" intent on undermining his reelection prospects.

The claims first took root on Facebook and Twitter earlier this year after racial justice protests swelled across the country following the deaths of Black Americans in police custody. Thousands of social media users shared ...

  Story 209 -   Wednesday September 2, 2020
Former Vice President Biden turns to schools after blasting President Trump on violence, (AP) ? Joe Biden plans to hammer President Donald Trump on Wednesday for not helping the nation?s schools reopen safely during the coronavirus pandemic, as the Democratic challenger tries to keep the spotlight on the Republican incumbent?s handling of the outbreak and the nation?s overall security.

Biden and his wife, Jill, a longtime college professor and former high school teacher, will meet with public health experts to talk about sch ...

  Story 208 -   Sunday August 30, 2020
Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland denounced by Trump PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland police were seeking video Sunday of a fatal shooting on the embattled Oregon city's streets after Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with Trump supporters in a caravan hundreds of vehicles long.

President Donald Trump responded with a Twitter barrage aimed at social justice protesters, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and top Democrats in Congress.

It was not im ...

  Story 207 -   Wednesday August 26, 2020
Coronavirus: Vaccine front-runner China already inoculating workers Earlier this month, the head of a well-known, privately-owned Chinese conglomerate told his staff that a vaccine for Covid-19 was expected to come to market by November.

The boss, whose firm has a healthcare division, said that he saw it as a portent of economic recovery; a chance for his firms to sell more, according to a person privy to the comments. Within a few weeks the Chinese government was forced to go public with its apparent pr ...

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