March 4 2021
12:27 AM
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  Story 117 -   Thursday April 16, 2020
861 More deaths in UK hospitals, total now at 13,000

t comes after chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty warned of a spike in deaths today due to a probable lag in reporting over Easter weekend, following four consecutive days of sub-800 increases.

The number of tests for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has also risen by 18,665 to 417,649, although this includes some people being tested more than once.

There have now been 103,093 positive tests for the illn ...

  Story 116 -   Thursday April 16, 2020
Iranian vessels come 'dangerously' close to US military ships

The incident in the Gulf comes amid heighten tensions between the United States and Tehran.

An Iranian flag flutters in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency headquarters in Vienna, Austria [File: Leonhard Foeger/Reuters]
Eleven vessels from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy came close to United States Navy and Coast Guard ships in the Gulf, the US military said on Wednesday, calling the moves "dangero ...

  Story 115 -   Thursday April 16, 2020
China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days

Pig farmers in China are being infected by a new, virulent strain of influenza A that they contracted from their swine, said a speaker at an Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) news conference last week.

About 15% of Chinese pig farmers have tested positive for antibodies to the new disease, said Leonard Mermel, DO, professor of medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and medical director of the Depar ...

  Story 114 -   Thursday April 16, 2020
Trump's big show of opening the economy will hide the real story

(CNN) President Donald Trump's make America open again campaign will deliver exactly what he wants Thursday -- a victory lap over the coronavirus pandemic that leaves the life and death decisions to others.

Even with epicenters of the virus still suffering hundreds of deaths daily, Trump says it's time to show that America is the "comeback kid" ready to unleash a miracle economic rebirth.

The President plans to ...

  Story 113 -   Tuesday April 14, 2020
Fauci says he used poor choice of words when describing Trump coronavirus efforts



â??THAT WAS TA ...

  Story 112 -   Monday April 13, 2020
Trump Loses Temper with Female Reporter

Trumpâ??s Savage Response to Joe Bidenâ??s Latest Attack Leaves Media in Triggered Silence.

Five weeks after polling day, two days after the debate on the first presidential candidates and moments after the New York Times published explosive revelations about Donald Trumpâ??s taxes, the US president has targeted his Democratic opponent Joe Biden with a series of wild revelations and unproven accusations.

In an untargeted White Ho ...

  Story 111 -   Monday April 13, 2020
First saliva test to diagnose coronavirus

Rutgers University researchers have received U.S. government clearance for the first saliva test to help diagnose COVID-19, a new approach that could help expand testing options and reduce risks of infection for health care workers.

The Food and Drug Administration authorized the test under its emergency powers to quickly clear new tests and therapies to fight the outbreak, the New Jersey university said Monday. The test initially will ...

  Story 110 -   Monday April 13, 2020
Bartlesville Nursing Home Infected With 45 Cases Of Coronavirus

A Bartlesville nursing home is reporting 45 positive cases of
Bartlesville Radio reports every resident at Bartlesville Health and Rehab Community has been tested for the virus. 33 residents and 12 employees tested positive and four of the residents are in the hospital.

The nursing home says its had the entire facility deep cleaned and is following all CDC protocols.

The coronavirus devastated New Jerseys n ...

  Story 109 -   Monday April 13, 2020
Hunger for 'good news' grows as pandemic woes deepen

AFP/File / Angela Weiss Actor John Krasinski has created a YouTube show called "Some Good News" which includes upbeat stories about the health crisis and appearances by celebrities, including his wife, actress Emily Blunt
Battered by grim headlines, horrifying statistics and deep uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic, many people worldwide are trying to lift their spirits by seeking out "good news."

Sites ...

  Story 108 -   Monday April 13, 2020
Biden campaign adamantly denies allegation of sexual assault

Biden campaign adamantly denies allegation of sexual assault

Former Vice President Joe Bidens campaignon Friday adamantly denied a newly surfaced allegationof sexual assault leveled by a former Senate staffer, calling the claim concerning thepurportedincident decades agofalse.

Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims. We encourage them to do so, because the ...

  Story 107 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
US overtakes Italy as country with highest number of coronavirus deaths

The United States has recorded a total death toll of 20,071, surpassing Italyâ??s death toll of 19,468.

Cases in the US topped 522,000 on Saturday.

Spain, the European country with the most reported coronavirus infections, has confirmed 510 new deaths, the lowest daily toll since March 23, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

The worldwide death toll is now more than 107,00 ...

  Story 106 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Biden beats Sanders to win Alaska Democratic primary

UNEAU, Alaska (AP) â?? Joe Biden has won the Alaska Democrats' party-run presidential primary, beating Sen. Bernie Sanders days after Sanders suspended his campaign.

Biden beat Sanders Saturday 55.3% to 44.7%. A total of 19,759 votes were cast.

Biden gets 11 delegates and Sanders gets 4. Sanders would have won more delegates but after ending his bid for the nomination last week, Sanders is no longer eligible to win delegates base ...

  Story 105 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Trump should have seen the disaster of coronavirus coming

(CNN) A new report on the Trump administration's missteps in the early days of the coronavirus' spread into the US was published in the New York Times on Saturday, detailing new instances showing how President Donald Trump ignored the warnings of his advisers about the lethal infectious disease approaching America's doorstep.

According to the report, Dr. Robert Kadlec, the top disaster response official at the Department of Health and H ...

  Story 104 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
For first time in history, all 50 US states are under a disaster declaration Untitled Document

The number of coronavirus cases in the US passed 556,000 on Sunday, a day when millions of Americans were forced to observe the Easter holiday in the shado ...

  Story 103 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Half of China's Infections on Saturday Came From an International Flight Untitled Document

More than half of the coronavirus infections reported by China on Sunday stemmed from a Russian flight to Shanghai on April 10, underscoring the po ...

  Story 102 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Oil Negotiators Race Against Clock to Get Oil Supply Deal Done Negotiators raced to clinch a historic deal to cut oil supply and stem a devastating price rout, as the clock ticked down to a dramatic market open.

OPEC ministers met virtually on Easter Sunday afternoon amid signs of progress. After four days of diplomatic wrangling between Mexico and Saudi Arabia, ministers were set to discuss a couple of possible compromises on their videocall, according to delegates. The meeting started late -- just f ...

  Story 101 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Mnuchin reverses course, won't force seniors to file tax return for coronavirus stimulus check

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration backtracked Wednesday evening on new rules for getting stimulus checks, saying Social Security recipients wont have to file a tax return to receive a payment.

The move is a response to pressure from elderly Americans and senators to rescind guidance issued Monday that said seniors needed to file a return to get the checks of up to 1,200, even if they werent ordinarily required to file taxes. ...

  Story 100 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Coronavirus stimulus money starts to flow into bank accounts WASHINGTON Americans are starting to receive their cash payments via direct deposits, part of the 2 trillion bill passed by Congress to stimulate the economy after the decline caused by the pandemic.

IRS deposited the first Economic Impact Payments into taxpayers bank accounts today. We know many people are anxious to get their payments well continue issuing them as fast as we can, the IRS tweeted on Saturday.
Numerous Twitter users als ...

  Story 99 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Behind closed doors, Trump's coronavirus task force boosts industry and sows confusion Untitled Document

WILMINGTON, Del - The coronavirus presented DuPont, the chemical giant based here, with a golden business opportunity.

In January, t ...

  Story 98 -   Sunday April 12, 2020
Pope celebrates joy of Easter amid sorrow of virus, alone

VATICAN CITY â?? Pope Francis and Catholics around the world marked a solitary Easter Sunday, forced to celebrate the most joyful day in the Christian calendar amid the sorrowful reminders of the devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Normally, St. Peterâ??s Square would be awash in fresh flowers on Easter Sunday, with tulips and orchids decorating the piazzaâ??s promenade in a riot of color to underscore Easterâ??s message ...

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