January 25 2021
1:37 AM
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Puppy saved after being trapped in drain for hours

Glenda Lewis

DETROIT (WXYZ) - When Michigan Humane Society rescue workers came calling Aaron Excavating INC. of Waterford answered.

"I couldn't go home tonight without saving that little guy" said owner Aaron Baughey. With the support of MHS, the homeowner and concerned neighbors Aaron and crew drove and excavating machine to the pipe in the back of the house and started digging. You could hear the puppy whimpering the whole time while workers dug a 16 foot hole and cut the pipe. After hours of work, they reached into the bottom of the pipe and pulled the 4 week old Puggle-Daschund mix free. The owner says the puppy fell into the basement pipe and was stuck there overnight. "It was crying, and I was crying all night, I felt so bad" said the dog owner who didn't want her identity revealed.

The dog was a bit dehydrated but is expected to be alright. MHS Rescue workers reunited the puppy with it's mother. It was nursing and doing well.

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