March 7 2021
3:18 AM
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A pensioner arrested after driving 19 hours in wrong direction.

Maureen Darvell, 83, had set off from her home in Ashford, Kent, at 9am on September 8 last year on her way to Bristol for a relative's wedding.

The 175-mile trip should have taken her around three hours, but the pensioner got confused on the M25 and ended up heading towards Bournemouth on the south coast.

Folkestone JPs heard last week how the confused pensioner realised her mistake as she approached Bournemouth, more than 110 miles from where she set off, and managed to turn around.

But rather than heading north west towards Bristol, the pensioner ended up heading north east again - back to where she came from.

The OAP told the court she 'started getting tired' and decided to pull over in her 1997 Nissan Micra when she reached Popham Services on the A303 at Micheldever in Hampshire - around 60 miles north east of Bournemouth.

She told the court 'she was tired and needed a cup of coffee' and had 'no idea' how long she had been driving - although she was still around 100 miles from Bristol.

When she left the the service station - at around 3.30am the next day, September 9 - after driving for nearly 19 hours - she managed to drive back down the same carriageway she had arrived on - driving straight into oncoming traffic.

She whizzed past cars in the fast lane before seeing a turn off for the M3 and turning onto the motorway - heading north on the ... [Full Story]

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