March 7 2021
3:22 AM
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Meeting My Biological Mother Online

Sara Avoledo and Karen Higgins

Sara Avoledo is my guest blogger today. This wonderful, young woman has courageously volunteered to tell her story about meeting her biological mother online. Thank you, Sara!

After reading Karen Higgins novel, A Child of God I have recommended the book to my friends and family. It is a wonderful novel that I just happened to read shortly after finding my own birth mother and her family online. The characters and the emotions portrayed in Higgins’ novel really struck a chord with me. I cried as Mary Simpson thought about the circumstances that lead up to her placing her child with adoptive parents and I cried even harder when Joan, her daughter, found her 35 years later and was reluctant to proceed with learning more about her biological family, because these were the feelings that I went through as well, just a few short months ago.

My name is Sara Avoledo and I am almost 32 years old. I have always known that I was adopted and have always loved to hear my (adopted) parents tell the tale of how they were blessed to be able to adopt and bring me home with them. I have also always been curious about who my birth parents were though, as every adopted child is I am sure. But things changed when I found a website where you can search for adoptees and biological family members ( and I saw that a possible birth aunt of mine had been searching for me for 20+ years. Now a potential connection had been made.

At that point, I became consumed with finding out more if this was indeed my biological family or not, but at the same time I was reluctant to go any further. I searched online in whatever ways I could and tried to narrow down names, dates and locations. During this time, and because I have a young son of my own, I was constantly thinking about what it must have been like to give a child up for adoption, but I ... [Full Story]

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