February 25 2021
12:33 AM
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World markets shaky after worse dive in 30 years

by Oregon State Media

NEW YORK - World stock markets fell Tuesday after a record sell-off that gave the U.S. stock market its worst loss in over 30 years, with many economies grinding to a standstill in hopes of containing the spread of the coronavirus. Major indexes in Europe lost early gains after Asian markets largely logged solid increases. U.S. futures wobbled between gains and losses as investors sought to gauge how vast and deep the economic damage will be and how swiftly governments will ramp up rescue measures.

"Details as yet are sparse. Investors are pinning their hopes on governments flooding people and businesses with enough cash to survive months of a coronavirus-induced lockdown," analyst Jasper Lawler of trading platform LCG said.

A measure of market volatility was at a record high at the end of Monday, suggesting the wild swings could continue while it is unclear how long the outbreak will last.

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