January 25 2021
2:36 AM
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Veteran Learns He's Getting His Dogs Back After A Long Hospital Stay

A veteran was forced to give up his dogs after having a heart attack and a prolonged stay in the hospital.

The First State Animal Center and SPCA cared for his two dogs, but had to put them up for adoption after several weeks. At the time, his family believed he would not make it through the operation.

He first came by the shelter, located inside a PetSmart, on Wednesday.

"The dogs couldn't contain their excitement. They greeted him with massive kisses and wagging tails," said Lindsay Carrothers, adoption counselor.

But the veteran still needed $250 to cover adoption fees to get his dogs back.

"This man was willing to sell his car to get the money," Carrothers said.

That night, a staff member pitched the idea to pay the fees. A volunteer put up the cash. More staffers and volunteers bought food, toys and other supplies.

Donations continue and supplies have been arriving for the dogs, and for the veteran - gift cards for food and gas, among other things.

"He was so thankful he shot a kiss to God for the blessing. It had everyone in tears," Carrothers said. "You could just feel the love those dogs had for him. And there shouldn't have been anything, especially money. that should've stood in his way to getting his family back."

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