January 25 2021
3:26 AM
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Author unravels African tale


"Whitewashed Jacarandas" author among learning institute speakers

They might be safe, sipping coffee in the confines of a Pacific Northwest lodge, but guests at the Tuesday, Nov. 10, session of the Oregon Coast Learning Institute could be forgiven for feeling their pulses quicken as they are transported to a faraway land at one of the most turbulent times in recent history.

Oregon Coast author Diana Polisensky will begin the day's offerings with a presentation on "Whitewashed Jacarandas," her first historical novel, set in post-World War II Africa before decolonization.

"Whitewashed Jacarandas" is the first in a quartet of books chronicling the mostly ignored burst of development that took place between the end of World War II and the rise of African Nationalism in Southern Rhodesia which led to rebellion, civil war and finally the election in 1980 of the present despotic ruler, Robert Mugabe.

Polisensky was born into a medical family in a small town in Southern Rhodesia. She moved to the US as a young woman and worked in genetic engineering. Now retired, she lives in Gleneden Beach.

Her presentation, "Reading Between the Lines of "Whitewashed Jacarandas'" will begin at 10 am. She will also talk briefly about the publishing process and will be available afterwards to sign books.

In the afternoon sessions, Lou Boudreau will present "3-D Printing: That is the Question" at 1 pm, giving an overview of this revolutionary new manufacturing technology and looking at current and potential future applications.

At 2 pm, Judy Heltzel will present brief book reviews from four learning institute members.

The learning institute meets at Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, 7760 Hwy. 101, Gleneden Beach. Membership is $75 for the year and guests are always welcome to try one session free.

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