January 25 2021
1:47 AM
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Horse saved from certain death

Associated Press

ANIMAL lover who set up a foundation to help stray, injured or unwanted animals has teamed up with former world champion boxer Jane Couch to save the life of a former racehorse.

Sarah Ross, 46, set up the Patch Foundation four years ago after rescuing a Jack Russell terrier which had been thrown from a moving car by travellers in Patchway.

The dog, Patch, was taken to the RSPCA in Bristol where vets said he needed costly MRI scans and neurological surgery if he was to survive.

Rather than put Patch to sleep, Sarah took him on, raising the £4,000 needed for his operations and ongoing care – with £2,500 being raised as a result of an appeal in the Evening Post.

Businesswoman Sarah, who runs an audio visual and production company, spent months nurturing Patch back to health before he was happily re-homed with a family in Yate.

Her battle to bring Patch back to health and give him the happy life he deserved inspired Sarah, a mum-of- one, to set up the foundation.

Since its launch it has helped 15 animals, including a dog who severed his leg in an accident on a train track, and a cat called Archie who was mauled by a dog.

Her latest addition to the foundation is Salontiger, an eight-year-old former racehorse.

Salontiger had been abandoned by his owners in a field in Easter Compton – half a mile away from Spaniorum Farm, where boxer Jane trains.

Jane, 39, and Sarah are firm friends as Sarah stages boxing events for the five-times world champion.

Tiger, as he is now known, was just days away from death and had been left in the field sucking twigs in a bid to stay alive.

Sarah, of St George, Bristol, took Tiger to the stables at Spaniorum Farm where – with the help from the foundation, Rowe Vets, animal nutrition firm, Succeed, and Jane – she has helped him recover.

Because Tiger was so poorly and malnourished, Jane got up throughout the night for three months, hand-feeding him at two-hourly intervals.

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