January 25 2021
2:33 AM
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A Texas couple is fighting to keep their daughter's beloved companion — a 6-month-old, 10-pound kangaroo named Mike.

Jeni and Nick Dreis are creating a wildlife preserve, organic farm and education center in Conroe, Texas to serve special needs children, the Houston Chronicle reported. The center will offer academic and life skills classes, vocational training and social programs geared to people with special needs, including the Dreis' daughter, Kayla, who has Down's syndrome.

"I like to snuggle with him," Kayla Dreis, 16, said of Mike. "He's silly. And he loves me."

The kangaroo will live at the center's wildlife park once he grows larger, Jeni Dreis told the Texas paper.



Attention, alien enthusiasts: SETI needs your help.

Leaders at the SETI Institute in Mountain View are asking for volunteers to help them comb through floods of signals picked up by radio telescopes at Hat Creek in the Sierra National Forest. The 42 telescopes are scanning patches of space, searching for signs of extra-terrestrial life.

The trouble is, the data from those telescopes gets so crowded with signals -- from satellites to spacecraft, even cell phones -- that the computers bringing in the data can't accurately scan the information.

SETI leaders are now seeking "citizen scientists" to help uscramble the data.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, SETI's director announced


If you're anything like me, you were probably surprised to see Kathy Ireland on the cover of Forbes -- and not just because she's traded in her tousled '80s locks for an immaculate, Lady Bird Johnson-esque bouffant. Ireland is perhaps best known for her supermodel status, landing a feature for 13 consecutive years in Sports Illustrated's annual Swimsuit Issue, on newsstands today. To this day, it remains the most profitable single edition of any magazine in the world, transforming bikini-clad models into sexy cash cows for Sports Illustrated.

So maybe it's not so surprising that Ireland, who graced the Swimsuit cover three times, displays such business acumen? As the Forbes feature detail


IT is lights out for McDonald's if its South Murwillumbah development hopes to go ahead.

Tweed Shire Council planning officers have recommended approval of a McDonald's in South Murwillumbah ... as long as dimmer switches are installed on neon lights.

It is one of 124 conditions listed in the recommendation, but food outlet operators were not happy with the planning officers' recommendation.

New Leaf cafe owner Gary Bagnall spoke at a council community access meeting on Thursday against the development on behalf of eight other food vendors in and around Murwillumbah.

"I am here because they are too afraid to be here to tell you themselves," Mr Bagnall said.

"In Mur'bah we don'


An Irving, Texas, man is getting tickets and fines for cars he doesn't own — and his motorcycle's license plate is to blame.

In the last year, Kirk Thor has received about a dozen notices saying he owes fines and fees across the country — from South Texas to Oklahoma, Nebraska and Florida.

The plate on his Harley Davidson motorcycle reads "NO TAG."

"I saw a friend get a ticket that didn't have a license plate on his car," he said. "It said 'no tag,' and he didn't have to pay for it. It never came back to him, so I thought to myself, 'If I get this, maybe I won't have to worry about getting tickets, either,'" Thor said.

But the plate has the opposite effect. Thor, a doctor and lo


The squirrel, which was rescued from a busy road in the town after being struck by a car, was discovered on New Year’s Day by 25-year-old David Graham.

Mr Graham, who was returning from New Year celebrations with his girlfriend Leah Hodgson, spotted the creature rolling around on its back in the middle of traffic.

“I was driving back from a party at my parents when we saw it in the middle of Stainburn Road, on the other side,” he said.

“Cars were swerving all round him – he wouldn’t have had a chance if left where he was.”

The couple drove along and turned around “as soon as we could”, he said, and parked near the squirrel.

“There was another squirrel dodging cars to run back


A TREASURE-TROVE of comics bought by an American enthusiast when he was a boy has fetched US$3.5m (AU$3.3m) at auction in New York.

The "jaw-dropping" collection of 345 comics features some of the world's most sought-after issues, including a pristine copy of Detective Comics No 27, in which Batman made his debut. Despite being published with a cover price of 10 cents in 1939, it sold for US$523,000 (AU$488,700) as the top lot on Wednesday.

The hoard had once been the prized possession of childhood comic collector Billy Wright, who died in 1994. The carefully arranged stack had been left untouched in the basement of his house in Virginia ever since.

"It was amazing seeing what they


IT IS a busy road at the best of times but one person on four wheels caught the attention of passers-by as he drove along Wallace St.

The motorist wasn't in the usual vehicle as he travelled the highway - he was driving a mobility scooter and travelling no more than 40kmh in the inside lane.

Warwick Police Acting Senior Sergeant Darren Tamblyn said all mobility scooters must be registered if their drivers use the road.

"Police would definitely recommend they don't drive them down the middle of the main highways and to use footpaths where possible," he said.

"On footpaths, they should drive with due consideration to other pedestrians."


NUDE surfing has never achieved great popularity for two reasons.

Firstly, those pesky public decency laws which ruin everyone's fun.

And secondly the tendency for surfboard wax to accumulate in uncomfortable areas.

Yet it is not always a choice as shown by this unidentified rider at Snapper Rocks pushing 3m Christmas Day cyclone swells.

His story shot to the top of's rankings for three days.

Tweed photographer and beginner surfer Mark Humphry said he could relate to the subject he assumed was a Red Bull Big Wave Tow-in team member.

"There is times when my board shorts almost fall off," Mr Humphry said.

"But he was getting towed in, and it didn't seem


The Stardust Circus hit Bundaberg with a troupe of performing lions, horses, miniature trick ponies, dogs, monkeys, flying trapeze artists, a thrilling teeter board act, dynamic aerialists and the crazy clowns.

Stardust Circus ringmaster Adam St James said the circus, which began in 1893, had evolved to become one of the largest touring circuses in Australia, as well as the oldest touring circus family on the road.

“We are one of only two circuses in Australia with performing exotic animals,” the fifth-generation circus performer said.

“Our lions are born and bred in Australia and we offer one of the only lion acts in the world where the lion eats out of the trainer’s hand.



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