January 25 2021
2:42 AM
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Kittens Fred and Ned are no ordinary cats – they are polydactyl cats. While most cats have 18 toes, Fred has an extra 10 digits and Ned has eight.

The four-month-old kittens are currently being looked after by Cats Protection in Gosport, Hampshire.

Branch volunteer Kate Stapleford said: ‘These two kittens were in poor condition when they arrived but with veterinary attention and a lot of TLC from their fosterer, Fred and Ned are now thriving.

Ms Stapleford added: ‘Fred and Ned are special in that as well as extra toes on the front paws, Fred has extra toes on his back paws. Most cats have four toes on each back paw and five toes on each front paw.

‘Although they look a little un


Two extremely rare albino wombats have been discovered in Australia’s outback.

The pair of white Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat cubs – named Icy and Pola by their handlers – were found tired and hungry in fields near Ceduna, Australia.

They were taken to Ceduna Fauna Rescue Centre, where manager Val Salmon and her team nursed them back to health

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats – also known as ‘Bulldozers of the bush’ – are often found in savannahs and grass plains in central and southern Australia.

Wombats are usually sandy, to brown or black in colour. They live in a maze complex underground tunnels and can grow up to a length of around 40 inches long and 14 inches high.


Officials have banned an artist from publicly slaughtering chickens in eastern Kansas, saying the proposed art installation would amount to animal cruelty.

Lawrence's Assistant City Attorney Chad Sublet said Tuesday that artist Amber Hansen told him she "intends to abide by the city ordinance." Violating the animal cruelty ordinance could lead to a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail. Even keeping the chickens on private land would require her to meet other city codes on animal care.

Sublet said Hansen is considering alternatives to draw attention to the process of slaughtering animals, including a public sculpture.

Through the project, called "The Story of Chickens: A Revo


Forget the three little pigs hiding from the big bad wolf. These six little pigs have found a new friend in a maternal French bulldog named Baby.

The Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin said Baby took straight to the wild boar piglets when they were brought in Saturday, three days old and shivering from cold.

Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm said Wednesday that, as soon as the furry striped piglets were brought in, Baby ran over and started snuggling them and keeping them warm, even though they're almost her size.

The 8-year-old bulldog has stayed right by their side since then, making sure they're OK, Damm said.

"She thinks they're her own babies," Damm said.

It isn't the f


No, this is a zombie or vampire tale involving a tail-wagging pouch but a story of an unexplained and miraculous canine recovery. While playing in the family’s backyard, Scamp the terrier-Shih Tzu mix puppy made a run for it. Escaping under the fence, he ran into the street where he was hit by a car.

Reta McKinley was preparing to explain to her 6-year old twin grandchildren that their puppy has gone to heaven. When they found Scamp, he wasn’t moving. His eyes were fixed and he was bleeding. They were unable to detect any signs of him breathing. McKinley’s husband wrapped the pooch in a blanket and left him outside, tucked away under a wheelbarrow to keep other animals away.

In the mor


KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) - He has never worked outside the home or seen a doctor, and until Wednesday, he had never left his remote mountain village in western Nepal. So 72-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dangi only recently learned he might be the world's shortest man.

Dangi says he's only 22 inches (56 centimeters) tall - about the size of a toddler - and he's hoping to claim the title. Guinness World Records said in an email Wednesday that its officials would arrive in Nepal's capital Sunday to measure Dangi.

Dangi took his first trip outside his village and his first trip on a plane to reach Katmandu on Wednesday.

"I am very happy to be in Katmandu for the first time in my life. I am here


CINCINNATI (AP) - A man who was threatened with jail time for posting comments about his estranged wife on his personal Facebook page unless he posted daily apologies for a month says the court ruling violates his freedom of speech.

Mark Byron, who is making the apology to avoid 60 days in jail, said Friday night that he believes it's too late for him to appeal the domestic relations court ruling as planned. But the Cincinnati man and free speech and media experts say it should concern other users of the social networking site.

With hundreds of millions of people using Facebook for communication, Byron said that "if they can do this to me, they can do it to others."

The idea "that a


Rocks that fell from the sky and landed in Morocco last summer came from Mars, scientists have confirmed.

The meteorite chunks, including one that weighed more than two pounds, rained down in North Africa last July.

A special committee of meteorite experts, including some NASA scientists, studied the rocks and determined their origin.

It is only the fifth time in history that experts have been able to confirm by chemical analysis that rocks landing on Earth came from the red planet.

Astronomers believe something smashed into Mars millions of years ago and kicked up rock fragments that have been hurtling through the solar system ever since.

The landscape in parts of Morocco so


A man who spent two years in solitary confinement after getting arrested for DWI was awarded $22 million for suffering inhumane treatment in New Mexico's Dona Ana County Jail.

Stephen Slevin was arrested in August of 2005 for driving while intoxicated, according to NBC station He said he never got a trial and spent the entire time languishing in solitary, even pulling his own tooth when he was denied dental care.

"'[Prison officials were] walking by me every day, watching me deteriorate," he said. "Day after day after day, they did nothing, nothing at all, to get me any help."

Slevin said he made countless requests to see a doctor to get medication for his depression, but w


San Francisco biologists recently made a macabre discovery that might help explain the mysterious crash of honeybee populations: parasites that turn bees into zombies.

Infected bees go mad, abandoning their hive in a suicidal rush toward bright lights, according to a new study by San Francisco State researchers.

"It's the flight of the living dead," said lead investigator and biology professor John Hafernik, also president of the California Academy of Sciences.

The parasite, a tiny fly, has been found in bees from three-quarters of the 31 surveyed hives in the Bay Area -- essentially, everywhere except Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

In a plot line similar to a George Romero


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