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'Weed the People' event testing the limits of legal pot
By Reed Andrews, KATU News
  Thursday July 2, 2015 - 11:00 PM
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A first of its kind event is testing the limits for what's legal when it comes to marijuana in Oregon.

"In six months this type of event may not be able to happen," said organizer Connie Wohn. "So we're definitely existing in kind of a loophole right now."

"Weed the People" will give patrons seven grams of cannabis, and all they have to do is pay 40 bucks to get in.

The $40 is to pay for the warehouse that's being rented in North Portland on Friday.

Selling marijuana is illegal to recreational users.

The farms that are donating the marijuana aren't getting any money. They were reluctant to participate at first.

"Once I explained that I truly was not a DEA agent on a sting, they were on board," said Joshua Taylor, an organizer with "Weed the People."

Because there's no money going directly or indirectly to the growers supplying the marijuana, Portland police can't do anything about the event.

"Most of the agencies we talked to were like we have no jurisdiction on that," said Wohn. "So we will let you proceed with that."

Photo: Organizers of "Weed the People" work to set up a warehouse in North Portland for the event, which is expected to attract 2,000 people Friday.

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